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 Benefit to Funders

Funders can search the Register to find specific information about charities. In particular the Register can be used:

  • to ensure you are funding charities best matched to your funding criteria
  • to search for charities that operate in a particular geographical location or sector –for example, the arts, education, environment, health, religion, or sports, or that provide benefits for particular groups of people –for example, young people, older people, people with disabilities, migrants, or the general public
  • to ensure that charities you are currently funding have been considered to have charitable purposes
  • to see how charities have used their income in the past
  • to find out how a particular charity is governed and who its officers are
  • to find contact details for registered charities
  • to get a picture of different parts of the charitable sector so that funding can be targeted to ensure the best use of your money.

In short, the Charities Register will help funders to make better-informed decisions about charities they may wish to support.