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Information for District Health Boards

This page provides information about disposal under the PRA for DHBs.

The Public Records Act 2005 provides a new recordkeeping framework for public offices, including District Health Boards (DHBs). It stipulates two core recordkeeping requirements, which DHBs need to comply with:

The Public Records Act also clarified the position of DHBs’ records, with the result that the Act formally covers all records created or received by DHBs, including patient files.

In order to assist District Health Boards, Archives New Zealand commissioned the development of a General Disposal Authority (GDA) especially for their records. This is an ongoing authority and is available to all DHBs across the country. A GDA works by identifying classes of records created across different public offices and then authorising their disposal. The DHB GDA incorporates the relevant sections of the four previously published GDAs. Accompanying the GDA is an Implementation Guide.

DHBs may use this GDA without further authorisation from the Chief Archivist. If individual DHBs do not wish to use the GDA, they can apply for a separate disposal authority, but this will need to be separately approved by the Chief Archivist.

For further information on the GDA or advice on developing a separate authority, please contact the Appraisal Section.

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District Health Boards Appraisal Report

The appraisal report provides detailed information on both the clinical and non-clinical classes of records. It also outlines the criteria used to determine the retention and destruction actions in the GDA.

District Health Boards Appraisal Report — 2006

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District Health Boards GDA

The GDA covers all main record types and formats created or received by District Health Boards. The authority divides these record types in 21 main classes with various sub-classes.

District Health Boards General Disposal Authority (DA262)

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District Health Boards GDA Implementation Guide

This guide is designed primarily for those staff responsible for the management and implementation of the GDA. It is divided into two parts — the main guide, plus supporting information in the form of three appendices.

District Health Boards GDA Implementation Guide — 2006

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Further support material

The Archives New Zealand Continuum website contains resources to assist DHBs with their recordkeeping responsibilities, including the management of the GDA.

These resources include:

For further information on Archives New Zealand’s recordkeeping advisory services, please contact the Government Recordkeeping Programme.
For more informatin about the advice and support Archives New Zealand provices to publice offices see Advice for public offices.

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