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Transfer of public archives

With the disposal of government records, some material will usually be transferred to Archives New Zealand’s custody. Agencies should contact Archives New Zealand as early as possible, so that the transfer process can be planned effectively. The Wellington office operates a planned transfer programme, so transfers need to be booked well in advance. There are also specific standards for the listing and packaging of records that agencies need to meet. Finally, it is necessary to determine appropriate access conditions for the records before they are transferred.

Fact Sheet: Transfer Process

Recordkeeping advice

Government Recordkeeping Group advisory services offer free advice and guidance on all aspects of recordkeeping including:

Contact us at

Standards and guides

Archives New Zealand creates various recordkeeping Standards and other tools for use in government agencies. These are available on the publications page.

Advice on transfer and destruction

Fact Sheet: Transfer Process
Guide 2: A Guide to Listing and Boxing
List template
Transfer Agreement Form

Permission to dispose of records

The Chief Archivist must approve the disposal of all government records, including those being transferred to another agency. For more information on this is available in the Records Appraisal and Disposal section.
Please contact Archives New Zealand if you require more information

Advice on how to apply access restrictions to particular records

An Access Authority must cover all records transferred to Archives New Zealand. Such authorities should be discussed prior to transfer with the Arrangement and Description Section.
Please contact Archives New Zealand if you require more information

Advisory Notice ‘Making Access Decisions under the Public Records Act’
Access Authority Form
Access Standard

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