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Government Employment

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General lists/ Public Service Lists

Departmental Employment Records (alphabetical)



NB: Where possible, this HTML research guide contains direct links to Archway for items and series in the archival reference field.



The government in New Zealand has usually employed a considerable proportion of the country’s workforce. Information relevant to family historians may be found in general lists of public service employees or in the records of specific government departments, though most departmental records are far from complete.

Unless otherwise indicated, the records listed in this Research Guide are held in the Wellington office.


There are many different lists of public service employees in New Zealand, and the majority of them have been published in some form or other.

Blue Books

(1840-1855) [IA 12/1-19 & NM 11/1-6]

These books of information about the colony include the earliest public service lists, of the ‘Civil Establishment’ − those employed by the fledgling British government in New Zealand. Usually there is little information about a person. All those named in the Blue Books are entered in the General Biographical Index [Bio 1] in the Wellington Reading Room. See also ‘Internal Affairs’ (page 6) for early civil servants.

Blue Books were not published every year but in some years two were published. For 1848-1852, when New Zealand was divided into two provinces, Blue Books were published for both New Ulster [IA] and New Munster [NM].

Access to digital images of Blue Books may be gained through ARCHWAY.


For the years 1851-1951 the New Zealand Gazette (and various provincial gazettes 1851-1876) listed appointments to military and civilian positions. It is necessary to search the volume indexes to locate a name and appointment (but see next column for published lists from 1913). Some Gazettes are available in Archives New Zealand offices, but they may also be found in other institutions and online.

Public Service Lists

Public Service Lists were published in various forms. General Lists appeared from 1866 in the AJHR (Appendices to the Journal of the House of Representatives), and also in the New Zealand Gazette on 28 May 1872 (pp306-345), and then from 1913 to 1941. The Government Printer produced the lists from 1942 until their end in 1988. Many lists, especially from 1913, were printed as separate books.

The lists, particularly in the early years, were given various titles, such as ‘Public Servants’, ‘Alphabetical List of Officers of the New Zealand Government’, ‘Civil Establishment’ and ‘Nominal Roll of Persons Employed in each Department’.


The lists in the Appendices to the Journal of the House of Representatives are found first under the code D 1866-1870, under G 1871-1872, and under H 1873-1875 and later. The number following the letter code varies from year to year.

Bound Volumes

Many AJHR and NZ Gazette lists were published, especially 1913-1988. These bound volumes are in the Wellington Reading Room and other institutions.

For most of the years 1866-1875 the lists are alphabetical, except for lists of Maori in the Public Service which are roughly north to south. However, from 1881 until 1971, the lists were not organised in alphabetical order of surname, but by department, job and classification. Searching for individual names is therefore laborious. The only exceptions are lists for 1915-1916 and 1918 where the volumes sometimes include an alphabetical index.

Departmental Lists

Civil Service Examination Board Results

Civil Service examination results were published for a number of years, firstly in the AJHR 1873-1886 (H-… but a different number each year), and then in the New Zealand Gazette.

The results in the AJHR are listed in order of performance, with passes of 1st, 2nd and 3rd class noted. For each person listed, details are given of schooling. In the New Zealand Gazette the results are listed in overall order of merit.
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Most government departments maintained staff registers and service schedules or personal files. A few departments published their own employee lists.

Archives New Zealand holds some employment records from a variety of government departments and agencies, which may include life and employment data interesting to family researchers. However, the records vary considerably from one department or agency to another. Many of the records are limited and all of them are incomplete.

Access restrictions usually apply to salary information and may apply to other employment records. Where possible restrictions have been given, but ARCHWAY should always be consulted for restrictions.


Ceased Employees (Classification cards 1947-1967 – alphabetical) [ABLY W4201/1-6]


See also separate Research Guide: War

Personnel Records
Archives New Zealand holds individual personnel files from the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 [AABK 18805 W5515] and from the period 1914-1920, which includes the First World War. References to individual records may be found by name in ARCHWAY, accessible from the Archives New Zealand home page:

Later Military Service files, such as from the Second World War, are still held by the New Zealand Defence Force. Contact details are:

New Zealand Defence Force
Personnel Archives
Private Bag 905
Upper Hutt
Phone: 04 527 5280
Fax: 04 527 5288 / 527 5275

Army Department

This file contains a list of staff and details of designation and duties




CRI (Crown Research Institutes)

Personnel Listings 1992 (computer printout, alphabetical) [ABMQ 7381 W4189/1] R


Auckland office:

These include officers at the ports of Auckland, Hokianga, Kaipara, Mangonui, Russell, Whangarei.

Wellington office:

DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research)

Access restrictions apply from file closure.


Teacher records held at Archives New Zealand are limited and incomplete. See separate Research Guide: Education.

Education Department

Full files were retained for employees dismissed or whose appointments were annulled, and for those in senior positions or otherwise notable.

Nelson Education Board

Christchurch office:

Christchurch Teachers’ College

Most of these accessions also include files and photographs relating to students.


For many years Electricity or State Hydro was a division of the Works Department, so records of that Department may also need to be searched.

Access to some files is restricted from the last date on the file.

Wellington office:



See above, especially the second listing.


Among a variety of records are:


Auckland Office:

[Auckland] Number 1 Region

Service record books 1908-1943 [BCAQ A380/1-4]

Attendance books

Central 1928-1935 [BCAQ A380/31]
Mt Albert 1938-1961 [BCAQ A380/29-30]
Onehunga 1933-1956 [BCAQ A380/27-28]
All areas 1946-1955 [BCAQ A380/32]

Service cards
Beachlands 1967-1968 [BCAQ A1025/4b]
Headquarters 1933-1963 [BCAQ A1025/4c]
Manurewa 1967-1968 [BCAQ A1025/4d]
Mt Wellington 1933-1968 [BCAQ A1025/4g]
Onehunga 1930-1968 [BCAQ A1025/4e]
Otahuhu 1920-1968 [BCAQ A1025/4a]
Papakura ?-1969 [BCAQ A1025/4h]
Western Districts 1936-1968 [BCAQ A1025/4f]

Mangonui Fire Authority

Staff returns 1973-1974 [YCBF A330 box 2]

Mt Wellington Fire Station
Roll books 1942-1969 [BCAQ A1025/5a-5g]
Volunteers roll books 1959-1972 [BCAQ A1025/6a-6b]

Tauranga Fire Brigade

Roll books 1912-1974 [BAPW A388/1-7]
Mt Maunganui volunteers roll books 1941-1974 [BAPW A388/8-11]

Wellington Office:

Fire Board Lower Hutt

Occurrence Books 1939-1972 (109 volumes) [FB-LH W2027 (Boxes 1-7)]
Roll Books 1905-1965 [FB-LH W2027 (Box 8)]
Duty Rosters 1934-1938 [FB-LH W2027 (Box 8)]
Hutt Park Occurrence Books 1945-1953 (6 volumes) [FB-LH W2027 (Box 7)]
Waterloo Occurrence Books 1953-1955 (2 volumes) [FB-LH W2027 (Box 8)]

Fire Board Masterton

Roll Books 1893-1909 [FB-LH W2020 (Box 2)]
Occurrence Books 1910-1949 [FB-LH W2020 (Box 5)]
Occurrence and Roster Books 1939-1949 [FB-LH W2020 (Boxes 6-7)]
Volunteer Fire Brigade Roll Book 1898-1900 [FB-LH W2020 (Box 4)]
United Fire Board Association Roll Book 1912-1914 [FB-LH W2020 (Box 4)]
Fire Brigade, Roll 1912-1929 [FB-LH W2020 (Box 5)]

Fire Board Palmerston North
Brigade Members 1893-1945 [FB-PN W2022 (Box 3)]
Brigade Members 1945-1955 [FB-PN W2022 (Box 3)]
Drill Attendance Records 1927-1956 [FB-PN W2022 (Box 11)]
Brigade Members Leave/Shift records (23 notebooks) 1930s-1940s [FB-PN W2022 (Box 10)]
Wages Book 1946-1950 [FB-PN W2022 (Box 10)]
Wages Sheets 1952-1958 [FB-PN W2022 (Box 4)]

Fire Board Petone
Fire Call Attendance Register 1946-1952 [FB-P W2036 (Box 6)]
Occurrence Books (Vol.1-86) 1960-1978 [FB-P W2036 (Boxes 1-5)]
Roll Books 1971-1973, 1973-1975 [FB-P W2036 (Box 6)]

Fire Board Upper Hutt
Occurrence Books 1965-1974 [FB-UH 3/1a-3d (Boxes 1-3)]
Fire Board Wellington
Service Record Book Permanent Staff Vol.2 1899-1925 [FB-W W2026 (Box 2)]
Service Record Book Permanent Staff Vol.3 1910-1935 [FB-W W2026 (Box 3)]
Service Record Book Permanent Staff 1932-1947 [FB-W W2026 (Box 4)]
Service Record Book Permanent Staff 1932-1955 [FB-W W2026 (Box 4)]
Auxiliary Staff Registers 1931-1944, 1944-1961 [FB-W W2026 (Box 4)]
All these volumes include alphabetical indexes.
Appointments/Promotions 1942-1957 [FB-W W2026 (Box 7)]
Occurrence Books 1931-1970s (250 vol.) [FB-W W2026 (Boxes 10-21)]

Christchurch Office:

Christchurch Fire Board
Employees Register 1920-1951 [CASS CH224/53 329] (CH)
Employees Register 1939-1947 [CASS CH224/53 330] (CH)

Dunedin Office:

Dunedin Fire Board / New Zealand Fire Service, Otago/Southland
Photographs/certificates (various) [DABA D48] R (DN)
Fire Reports, Occurrence Books, Log Books, Nominal Rolls, etc [DABA D50] R (DN)



Auckland Office:

Wellington Office:


Dunedin Office:

New Zealand Forest Service



See Blue Books (page 1) for early officials at a time when the Colonial Secretary, later Internal Affairs, was virtually the only Government department.

These registers may include lists of:




Coroners’ appointments were recorded individually in the New Zealand Gazette. One other record is:

Court Employees

Departmental Personnel

Justices of the Peace

Early JP appointments were recorded individually in New Zealand Gazette general appointments. Some copies were filed by the Justice Department. Lists of all JPs from 1877 were gazetted as Supplements to the New Zealand Gazette. Records held include:




Resident Magistrates







● Personnel Files 1892-1977 (88, MA, MLC etc) [AAMK W3112] R100

Maori/Native Interpreters (Possible Access restrictions)

Iwi Transition Agency

Staff Personal Files (447) 1936-1983 (most 1970s-1980s) [AAVN W3599/368-379] R100/40



Individual Lighthouse records (Search on ARCHWAY by lighthouse name)
Many lighthouse records, located by region in the different Archives New Zealand offices, are of little help to family historians. The most useful records are Daily Journals, if they exist, which record day-to-day activities of the lighthouse keeper and his staff, and dates of staff arriving and leaving. Some 20th century correspondence about staff matters, such as friction between keeper and assistant keeper, has survived.

Lighthouse Keepers
Archives New Zealand holds a number of records of early lighthouses and lighthouse keepers around the New Zealand coast, mainly for the period 1870-1920.

Wellington Office:

There are some service records for the whole of New Zealand which give details such as dates of birth, places and dates of stationings, and salary.

These records refer to 19th century Marine Dept Inwards Correspondence [M 1] but most of those files were destroyed or badly damaged by fire in the Hope Gibbons building, 1952. In the paper finding aids is an alphabetical list of lighthouse keepers c1867-1913, which includes many details of individual service. This list was created before the fire, from the Service Book [M 7/1] and from correspondence.

Dunedin Office:

The Dunedin Regional Office holds various records – daily journals, inwards and outwards correspondence and visitors' books, etc, (overall date range c.1870-1979) – for the following lighthouses:

Cape Saunders [DAAL D28/1a-2d] (DN)
Centre Island [DAAL D28/2e-3g; DAMT D372/1] (DN)
Dog Island [DAAL D28/4a-4d] (DN)
Moeraki [DAAL D28/4e-5g] (DN)
Nugget Point [DAAL D28/6a-8a; DACA D97/1a-7b] (DN)
Puysegur Point [DAAL D28/8b-11g] (DN)
Waipapa Point [DAAL D28/11h-14h] (DN)


Staff Register − Machinery Inspection
c1875-1907 [(ADOE 16617) M 6/2]


Government owned vessels
There were a number of vessels working around the New Zealand coast which were government owned. Archives New Zealand holds some Ships’ Logs and other papers for these vessels, which make reference to workers employed on the vessels.

The early ships and the dates of records held are:

Hinemoa (ship) 1897-1898, 1913-1915 [(ADOE 16626) M 23/1-3]
Tutanekai (ship) 1897-1898, 1905-1906, 1923-1930 (some items missing) [(ADOE 16626) M 23/4-11]
Sparrow (ship) 1905-1906 [(ADOE 16626) M 23/12-13]
Amokura (ship) 1907-1919 [(ADOE 16626) M 23/14-30]
Index to Applications for Enrolment [(ADOE 16626) M 23/31]
Register of Boys 1907-1921 [(ADOE 16626) M 23/32]
Matai (ship) 1936 [(ADOE 16626) M 23/33]

Other shipping
Ships’ Logs, Crew Lists and Articles of Agreement c1960s-c1980s [(ADOE 16633) M 30]

This series includes ships’ logs, crew lists, and other papers for coastal shipping and inter-island ferries, some of which may have been privately owned. The records are arranged alphabetically from Acheron to Westport. These can be searched for on ARCHWAY.




Personal Files (members of orchestra and its predecessors) 1936-1995 [AAHT 7422/1-11] R70
Schola Musica (orchestral training group) Personal Files 1961-1992 [AAHT 7423/1-2] R70


Nominal Rolls, containing details of pensions paid under the Civil Service Act, were published in some nineteenth century AJHR (Appendices to the Journal of the House of Representatives). These include details such as name, date pension was granted, annual amount, position held and length of service. Rolls were published in the following AJHR:

1866 D-3 (p74)
1873 I-1
1878 H-16
1882 B-23
1888 B-18
1896 H-26


Police Department archives include a number of registers and files which can give information on individuals who served in the police and related forces. Access to most records is restricted for 100 years. The most useful archives are:

Armed Constabulary 1867-1886
For records of the Armed Constabulary, see separate Research Guide: War

Police Record Books

Personnel Files

Regional Offices


The Post & Telegraph Department produced separate lists 1891-1976, published in the New Zealand Gazette 1891-1892 and then in the AJHR (F-) from 1893. These lists were also produced as separate books, held in the Wellington Reading Room. Other records:







See State Services Commission


See Broadcasting


The first New Zealand railways were created by Provincial Governments in the 1860s, but the real development of Railways, as both a government department and a means of transport, began in the 1870s as a key element in Vogel’s schemes for progress. Many of those who worked on the railways came in the immigration boom of the 1870s. For that see separate Research Guide: Migration.

Archives New Zealand holds many records of New Zealand Railways when it was a government department, from the 1870s to the 1980s. The records include lists of railway employees in general lists of public service employees, and published lists of Railways employees 1898-1980. Some material is held in regional offices.

Staff service schedules (cards) and other personnel records can be useful to family historians. Other railways records, less useful to family historians, include general registers and files on a wide variety of topics, as well as photographs and plans.

Staff Lists
Railway personnel were included in the ‘Roll of Persons in Government Employ at or near each Post Office in the Colony’ in the AJHR 1881 H-2. A copy [Repro 68] is held in the Wellington Reading Room.

Lists of Railways staff, covering the period 1889-1894, appeared in the AJHR 1894:

D-10 Railway Employes: Details of Promotion, Pay and Length of Service, January 1889-1894 (not alphabetical).
D-10A Railway Employes engaged by the Commissioners during the last four years (not alphabetical).
D-10B Railway Employes who have received promotion between January 1889 and January 1894 (alphabetical).
D-15 Railway Officials (Details of Salaries, Allowances, Appointments, and Promotions) (salaried staff only – alphabetical)
D-16 Railway Cadets: Return of details of Appointments and promotions since 1887 (not alphabetical).

From 1895 the lists were published annually, in the AJHR until 1925, in the New Zealand Gazette 1926-1941 (searchable by online index) and then by the department. The Railways annual lists were published as bound volumes and most of those for 1898-1980 are held in the Reading Room at Archives New Zealand Wellington.

It can be difficult to find people in these unindexed lists because until 1971 they are arranged by job classification. Only the volumes 1915-1916 and 1918 have alphabetical indexes. Job designation, grading, pay and service record are given, and after 1921 the location of salaried staff.

Railways Service Schedules
Three groups of H6A Railway Service Schedules (nominal cards) are held by Archives New Zealand Wellington, with the following Archives references:

These series overlap through the period 1880s-1980s, and it may be necessary to look for the same name in each series. All the series are incomplete and overall they do not include all Railways employees.

The cards are (sometimes roughly) arranged alphabetically and typically include: name, date of birth, marital status and date of marriage, date of commencement of service, education or qualifications, railways designations − date of appointment, location, pay, grading. They may record staff correspondence with management, record incidents in which staff were involved, and refer to other files.

Other Personnel Files
Staff (167) in senior positions, etc, 1875-1982 [(ADQD 17467) R 7 W2494/1-9] R100/40
311 records 1900-1987 [AAVK W3183] R100
11 records 1906-1948 [ABJP W4293]
Railways Nominal Cards
Information varies, but many cards record little. [AAEB 7007/1-35] R100/40

Staff Register
Staff Register 1903-1945 [ABIW W4026/17]

Registers of Application for Employment
Letters of application for employment with the Railways were registered. Archives New Zealand holds the registers for 1880-1907 [AAEB 587/1-10]
The first two volumes 1880-1896 have indexes. A card index has been created for the whole ten registers, but it is held in the Queen Margaret Room and is only accessible to staff. [AAEB 587/1-35]
Later unindexed volumes for 1936-1986 are also held. [AAEB W3734]

Registers of Vacancies and Appointments [ABIN W3337/218]
This volume is not alphabetical and there is no index, so it is difficult to search for a name. The entries are arranged by area. There are no clear dates for the record, but it seems to cover the period 1900s to 1920s.

Archives New Zealand holds an extensive collection of Railways photographs [AAVK W3493]. Reference prints of many of these are available for viewing in Wellington. These are arranged by subject and include some staff portraits, as well as photographs of stations, engines, lines, etc.

General Managers Files
While most of these files deal with equipment and administration, some about accidents and discipline refer to individuals [R 3 and later accessions].

Railways Corporation Library
The records from the Railways Corporation Library include Railways periodicals which contain details of staff appointments, transfers, promotions, as well as of individual contracts with Railways for bookstalls, etc.

The Railways Corporation Library also holds copies of:

Christchurch Office:

Dunedin Office:





(Housing Corporation)


(Public Service Commission)


Personnel Files (7 people, 9 files) 1969-1989 [ABKL 7903 W5156/1] R70


Personnel Files (6) 1912-1977 [(ADRK 17582) T 90 W2220/1] R70


Public Service lists (see page 1) record many Works staff. A great variety of other Works employment records exist, but none of the groups of records are complete. Access restrictions apply to many records.


Dunedin Office:

‘Workmen’ files (overall range 1912-1969) [DADE 9001 D445 6/…] (Files 6/1-6/64 mostly relate to men in unemployment relief camps in 1930s Depression, Otago & Southland.)
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