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Coroner's Report

Archives New Zealand holds coroner's inquests into accidental or suspicious deaths throughout New Zealand from c.1840 to 1992. Records are not complete, especially before 1870, and later there may be gaps. Most deaths did not generate an inquest unless it was a sudden death where the cause was not immediately clear, or there was suspicion of foul play. The clearest indication that an inquest was held is the comment “Verdict of Jury” on the death certificate. Death Certificates are held by the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages

Access to Coroners' indexes and registers is open, but access to Coroner's Inquest reports (files) is restricted for 50 years from the date of death. Access permission can be obtained from Coronial Services of the Ministry of Justice.

Coronial Services
Ministry of Justice
PO Box 5027

The Archives New Zealand Personal Identity Research Guide can help researchers with this type of enquiry.