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Easier access to War Art online

January 29, 2010

The history of war, through art, is brought to life online through Archives New Zealand’s new search tool.
Archives New Zealand’s Acting Chief Executive Greg Goulding says the new search tool allows easier access to digitised images and detailed archival information about the National Collection of War Art including descriptions of the 1500 paintings, drawings and sketches.
“The War Art collection tells a visual story of life on the battlefields and in the trenches during World War One and World War Two,” he said.
The collection includes the work of some of our well known artists, such as Peter McIntyre, Alan Barns-Graham, Russell Clark, Austin Deans, George Edmund Butler and Nugent Welch who were official war artists as well as servicemen during those times.
“The collection is a great source of information for researchers and historians who are recording the history of New Zealand’s part in world conflict.”
Greg Goulding says this latest development compliments an online exhibition of the War Art collection that was launched in 2007. “People can now view these art works as well as their detailed archival descriptions,” he said.
The details and images of the War Art collection can be viewed through the new search tool on”;jsessionid=9B171B0E4DB7D5...