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Archway Search Tips

Archway has two levels ‘Simple’ and ‘Advanced’. The Simple Search initially runs a search for your keyword (or words) over the levels of description; records, series and guide to government. The Advanced Search uses Archives New Zealand’s descriptive model as the starting point, you must chose one of the levels of description to begin your search. When you have found records you are interested in click on the ‘more’ link to find out more about the records and how to order them from an Archives New Zealand office.

The Simple Search is best suited for finding information on people. Enter a name in the search box and click GO. This will search across all levels of description for that name.

A summary of the results will be shown for the records and series levels. Any other hits will be grouped together under the heading “government of New Zealand”.

Any record search in Archway will only be successful if your keyword appears in the title of the record. It is often the case that the people who are the subject of the record are not named in this way. Their names may be captured in indexes, which cannot yet be searched on-line.

In these cases consulting the Research Guides can indicate the records within Archives New Zealand’s holdings that may be of interest to you in your research.

There is also a wealth of information in Archway about the government of New Zealand from 1840 to the current day. Detailed histories of government departments, the functions they performed and the types of records they created provide an essential background for locating records, and understanding their content and purpose.

Please note that Archway contains descriptive information only; it provides on-line access to only a select few records themselves. The records that have been digitised and attached to Archway can be found by using the search term ‘digitised records’.