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Glossary of Terms

This glossary is a compilation of legislative, digital continuity, digital preservation and Continuum terms.

The Problem

Discussion of digital continuity issues is hampered by the use of inconsistent language and terminology. Digital ‘stuff’ is variously referred to in different contexts as records, information, documents, content, data, assets, etc. At the same time, an effective collective response to digital continuity needs to draw on expertise and experience from all sectors and disciplines.

Purpose of glossary

The glossary is intended to provide a tool that can be used by records managers and digital preservation practitioners to underpin communication and collaborative work between the disciplines involved in preserving and providing continued access to digital content.

Scope of glossary

The glossary replaces the Archives New Zealand’s Continuum Glossary and those terms that are deemed worthy of retention that formerly resided in the Continuum Glossary will be incorporated into this glossary regardless of their relationship to digital continuity.  This page contains a list of information terms that are defined in various pieces of New Zealand legislation. 

Continuum definitions

Full list of terms

Digital Continuity terms

Legislative terms