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Continuum Resource Kit

Continuum is a whole-of-government programme which provides a comprehensive Resource Kit of tools, standards and guidelines. Continuum supports the Public Records Act 2005 by providing reliable guidance on recordkeeping requirements and best practice.
New Recordkeeping Publications
Fact Sheets
General Disposal Authorities
Glossary of Terms
Forms & Templates

New Recordkeeping Publications

S5: Digital Recordkeeping Standard
S9: Disposal Standard
F23: Decommissioning Websites
Glossary of Terms

Fact Sheets

F1: Make a Record
F2: What is Disposal
F3: Transfer Process
F5: Disposal Process
F6: Digitising Records
F7: Recordkeeping Responsibilities
F8: Electronic records
F9: Methods of Destruction
F10: E-Mail
F11: Local Authority Disposal
F12: What is a Public Office?
F14: E-Mail Archiving Solutions
F15: Public Records Act (PRA) and Central Government
F16: Public Records Act 2005 (PRA) and Local Government
F17: Using External Providers for Appraisal Projects
F18: Trusted Computing (TC) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) for Records Managers
F19: An Introduction to the Legacy Programme
F20: Managing Datasets
F22: Digital Transfer
F23: Decommissioning Websites


A6: Making Access Decisions Under the Public Records Act
G2: Preparing Records for Transfer: A Guide to Boxing and Listing [UNDER REVISION - 2011]
G3: What to Consider Prior to Implementing an IT ‘Solution’ to a Recordkeeping Problem - [REVOKED - 22/12/2010]
G6: A Guide to Recordkeeping Policy
G8: A Guide to the Public Records Act
G9: Beginners Guide to Appraisal
G10: Guide to Implementing a Disposal Schedule
G11: Guide to Preparing an Appraisal Report for a Continuing Disposal Schedule
G12: Guide to Preparing an Appraisal Report for a One-Off Disposal Authority
G13: Guide to Managing Records during Administrative Change in Public Offices and Local Authorities
G14: Technical Guide to Metadata in EDRMS
G15: Guide to Completing a Survey of Physical Records
G16: Guide to Best Practice in Storage
G17: Recordkeeping for Business Activities Carried out by Contractors
G18: Recordkeeping Essentials for Chief Executives and Senior Managers
G20: Guide to Managing Web Records

General Disposal Authorities

Archives New Zealand is currently in the process of migrating our publications from the Continuum Website. General Disposal Authorities have not yet been migrated are still available on the Continuum Resource Kit.  


S2: Storage Standard [MANDATORY]
S4: Access Standard
S5: Digital Recordkeeping Standard
S6: Digitisation Standard
S7: Create and Maintain Recordkeeping Standard [MANDATORY]
S8: Electronic Recordkeeping Metadata Standard [MANDATORY]
TS: Technical Specifications for Electronic Recordkeeping Metadata Standard
S9: Disposal Standard [MANDATORY] 

Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms 

Forms & Templates

Access Authority Form
Transfer Agreement Form
Continuing Disposal Authority: Disposal Schedule Template
Continuing Disposal Authority: Disposal Schedule Template Guidance
One-off Disposal Authority: List Template
One-off Disposal Authority: List Template Guidance
Transfer List Template
Existing Disposal Authority: Amendment Memorandum Template
Existing Disposal Authority: Extension Memorandum Template
Records Survey List