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Access Online to Archives New Zealand

Search across collections to search collections that are held by Archives New Zealand
New Zealand Arrivals - Assisted Immigrant Ships, 1855-1888, (for use with index cards in Gateway)


Archives can be ordered using Archway, please be aware that old 'Repoman' reader numbers are no longer valid and you will need to visit one of our Reading Rooms to be re-registered as a reader. Until you have re-registered you will not be able to order via Archway.

Other Resources

To access other resources available on the public PC's in our Gateway or Reading Room, such as the Gazettes or Maori Land Court - please go to the Start menu.


Access online to the Alexander Turnbull Library

Search across collections to discover content from catalogues, digital collections, and other websites.

NZ library catalogues and indexes to search Alexander Turnbull Library manuscripts and unpublished material to request items from the manuscripts collection for viewing to request items from the Oral History Collection to search published items held in the Library’s collections, including books, music, maps, newspapers, magazines and archived websites for an index of articles and reviews in NZ publications for NZ websites to search all library holdings in NZ

Images and multimedia for NZ and Pacific images from the Alexander Turnbull Library for NZ images and multimedia

Heritage texts for early NZ newspapers for manuscripts of Donald McLean (1820-1877), and some pictorial materials for Te Ao Hou, a magazine published by Māori Affairs 1952-1976 for Governor Ranfurly’s private papers and photos, 1897-1904 for papers of historical scientific research