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Our Benefits

Some of the benefits we offer our employees include: 

Work / Life Initiatives 

Achieving balance in our lives is crucial. We recognise that while work is an important part of the lives of all people at Archives New Zealand, we have other responsibilities as well.
Where practicable staff are given the opportunity to work flexible working hours, provided they work during the core hours i.e. 9.30am - 3.30pm each day and complete their contracted number of hours each week or fortnight.

In addition to 23 days of annual leave, on completion of five years continuous service annual leave entitlement increases to 25 days.

Staff are entitled to one week of service recognition leave on completion of each five year period of continuous service.

Staff who take parental leave are entitled to a one-off payment of up to six weeks salary when they return to work and complete a further six months continuous service.

Health and Wellbeing 

EAP is a free, confidential, independent and voluntary service available to our staff to assist with anything that may be affecting their work and/or personal life.

We offer a complimentary flu vaccine each year prior to the onset of winter.

We will meet the cost of an Optometrist’s examination and may reimburse a portion of the total cost of corrective lenses where an employee experiences a change in vision as the result of VDU use.

Staff Development  

We are proud to demonstrate a strong commitment to developing our people.
Some of the many learning and development initiatives available to staff include opportunities to attend training courses, conferences or study assistance undertake part time tertiary study.

We fund one professional membership subscription annually for each staff member to a recognised professional association relevant to the staff member’s position.

Archives New Zealand offers a range of opportunities for Career Development. All employees are encouraged to develop their careers through participation in projects, reading circles, secondments and training and development.

Organisational Culture 

We have an active social club, regularly hosting functions and activities throughout the year. You will be notified of upcoming events via email.

We believe sport is a great way to be active while socialising with your colleagues. There are a number of Archives New Zealand sports teams e.g. indoor netball & soccer. Funding may be provided for sports teams representing Archives New Zealand.

Our recognition programme provides several ways for celebrating the successes and recognising the significant achievements of our people.

A week of activities and events to celebrate Māori language.