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Our Research Services

In order to be as specific as possible with your enquiries, we recommend that you undertake background research at local libraries and consult Archives New Zealand’s Research Guides, our online finding aid Archway and Questions & Answers before contacting us.

We try to respond within 15 working days of receiving an enquiry, but during times of high demand for the service, we may not be able to meet this deadline.

To Submit an Enquiry

Requests should be made in the first instance through the online order forms below.

Requests can also be made be either emailing or writing to the appropriate Archives New Zealand Office

The inclusion of your postal address in your enquiry, including via email, is essential.

Extended research or consultation of records

Archives New Zealand is unable to carry out extended research or consultation of records on your behalf and you may need to employ a private researcher.

We suggest you contact the following groups if you want to consider hiring a private researcher:

New Zealand Society of Genealogists or check out advertisements in their magazine.
Professional Historians’ Association of New Zealand/Aotearoa

Request a Service