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We are making some changes to Archway for you

July 9, 2010

Archives New Zealand has made some changes to our online search system Archway to improve the way you search for and request records that you wish to view in our reading rooms.
The changes will let you place your order for records through Archway before you come into the reading rooms to view them.
From Tuesday 13 July, we will be piloting the changes in our Christchurch office for approximately four weeks. For all records based in Christchurch, you will see an ‘order’ button on the order details page for an item in Archway.
If you are wanting to view records in the Christchurch office, you will need to visit the office and register as a reader with a staff member. Once you have done this, you will be able to place your order through Archway for records that are based there. When you register you will be given a new reader card that will enable you to place orders from home to view in the Reading Room.
If you are not based in Christchurch, and want to view records in that office, please contact:
The changes will be implemented in our other offices in Dunedin, Auckland and Wellington later in the year. We will let you know when this will happen through notices on our website and in our Reading Rooms. Until these changes are implemented in the office that you would normally visit, the existing process will remain.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:
Jolene Armadoros
Ph: 04 931 6982