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Archives New Zealand Library holds New Zealand’s most comprehensive collection of archival and records management texts and serials.

What You Will Find Here

Books and journals on:

The material ranges from very basic “how to” manuals to high level theory.

How The Library Works

The Library is not open to the public except by prior appointment (appointments must be made several days in advance). Library materials can only be borrowed through the Inter-Library Loan system. Take the information you find on the catalogue to your local library and they will arrange the loan.

Library Catalogue

This catalogue holds details of what is in the Library collections. You can see if the Library holds a certain title and what titles are held on a particular subject.

Note: You cannot request books, see lists of archives, or look at the contents of the books held in the Library through the online catalogue.


The Library offers a subscription service for an annual fee. Subscribers receive an extended range of services, see the Archives Library Subscription Form for more information.
For more library details, read Archives Library FAQ or email us at

If You Are Looking For…

The Public Records Act 2005 go to Advice on Records & Archiving
Whakapapa / Family history, Defence Records or for Treaty of Waitangi claim information go to the Archway website
New Zealand history go to the National Library or try your local library
How to preserve archives or records in your care contact the National Preservation Office

Library Objectives

The Library’s primary function is to serve the staff of Archives New Zealand. The collections are there to ensure the staff have all the relevant information necessary to do their work to the highest standard. This includes published material which places the content of the archives into a wider context and material which ensures staff are up-to-date with the current best practice within their professional field (e.g. Preservation staff). This ensures staff are informed of current scholarship and trends in recordkeeping practice and thinking from the full spectrum of international opinion.
In making the Library collections available to the public Archives New Zealand intends to contribute to and promote archival education and support the work of New Zealand’s recordkeepers and archivists.