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Advice on Records & Archiving

Guidance for creating and maintaining records and archives. Access tools and resources to help manage information, care for community archives, and comply with the Public Records Act 2005.

Current Projects and News

This page contains links to a number of initiatives underway at Archives New Zealand to support the management of records and archives.

Public Records Act 2005 Audit Programme

Public Records Act 2005 Audit Programme

Advice for Public Offices

Advice for Public Offices

Government Digital Archive Programme

This page contains informatin on the Government Digital Archive Programme and the Digital Continuity Action Plan.

Appraisal and Disposal Information

Under the Public Records Act 2005, no one may dispose of a public record without authorisation from the Chief Archivist, Archives New Zealand. This section explains what Appraisal and Disposal is and the process.

International Standards

The International Standard on Records Management, ISO 15489, was launched in October 2001 at the Association of Records Management and Administrator's (ARMA) International Conference in Montreal.

Public Records Act 2005

The Public Records Act 2005 sets a framework for recordkeeping in public offices and local authorities. Find out whether your organisation needs to comply with the PRA, learn what compliance involves, and what we can do to help.

Continuum Resource Kit

Continuum Resource Kit

Advice for Local Authorities

Archives New Zealand provides a range of services specifically for local authorities, this section explains these services.

Training and events

Archives New Zealand supports recordkeepers, and staff responsible for recordkeeping in the state sector and local government, to develop their skills and knowledge. This page provides more information on the training opportunities available.

Intentions to Dispose

The Chief Archivist, under Section 20(2) of the Public Records Act 2005, gives public notice of the following Intentions to Dispose of public records.

Questions and answers

Find out answers to some commonly asked questions