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Government Loans Service

The Government Loans Service provides for the temporary return of public archives to controlling public offices (or their successors) when archives are required for administrative use, as per Section 24 of Public Records Act 2005.
Public offices must comply with the following conditions and procedures to ensure the safe custody and preservation of the public archive during the time that it is in the possession of the public office.
For further information or clarification, please refer to the Government Loans Service National Policy and Government Loans Procedures for Clients or contact the appropriate Archives New Zealand office.


Only authorized staff who are registered contacts may make requests. The completed Government Loans Service Client Registration Form can be scanned and emailed, faxed or posted to the appropriate Archives New Zealand office.


Archives are available on request to the controlling public office (or its successor). Requests must be made using the Government Loans Service Request Form.
Full client details and archival references are required. Delays are likely if incomplete or incorrect information is provided.
The standard request service is free. Urgent service and research is charged.
Standard (within 3 working days for up to 10 items)     No fee
Urgent (within 24 hours)                                            $25 per item
Research                                                                $25 per half hour
Clients also have the option of visiting Archives New Zealand and requesting items free-of-charge for use in the Reading Room.

Collection and Return

Registered contacts are responsible for organising the secure collection and return of loans. Couriers or clients must sign for loans collected. Loans must be returned in the secure packaging provided by Archives New Zealand.

Loan Periods

The normal period of a loan is three months. Extended or long-term loans must be arranged with Archives New Zealand.
Archives that are on loan for more than six months will be recalled to Archives New Zealand for inspection. Clients are responsible for courier transit costs.


When a Client fails to return an archive on time without arranging an extension, an overdue fee of $25 per item will apply. Archives New Zealand conducts a regular census to establish the whereabouts and condition of all archives on loan for more than three months without extension.

Care and Handling

Public archives must be handled with all possible care, so that they are available to meet the needs of current and future users. Nothing is to be removed from or added to an archive. A Client is liable for any costs involved in repairing and restoring an archive that has been damaged while on loan.

Loans to Third Parties

Public archives should not be loaned to third parties. The Client remains responsible for the safekeeping of any archive borrowed.

Breaches of Loan Conditions

Failure to return an archive, damage to or alteration of a public archive is a serious matter. This may result in the reduction of client rating status and suspension of loan.
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