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Walter's World: The Nash Collection


24 Nov 2010

About the Exhibition

From food to fascism, from world travel to World Wars, Walter Nash kept everything. His papers provide an insight into all aspects of the world in which he lived.
The extent of the collection is vast – several thousand “bundles” of papers, photos and other items. They are currently being listed for placement on Archway. This is expected to take several years.
Based on loose themes the intent of this exhibition is to provide a sample of the treasure trove that is the “Nash Collection” The documents on display may be a complete item or a portion of an item of interest. Generally they relate to a larger volume of material on an issue of the day or provide a snapshot of the time.
Many of the items could be placed under several themes as they may, for example, relate to a moral issue of the day as well as an historical event e.g. Apartheid.
As the collection is listed and placed on Archway, new items will be added to the exhibition.
Walter Nash wavinng at London Docks
'Few New Zealand politicians in the twentieth century had such an impact over such a long time.’ Barry Gustafson, political scientist, historian and political biographer .
Sir Walter Nash Timeline (1882-1968)
Walter Nash Official Biography

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