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The Department of Internal Affairs

The Department of Internal Affairs

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The Anti-Spam Compliance Unit established this page to notify members of the public about 'real time' spam-related threats, campaigns and other issues and scams that might affect people in New Zealand.

Scam warning: Caller claims to be from Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs is warning people who get unusual calls about bank fees to beware: a scammer claiming to be from the Department is trying to cheat people out of money. Anyone who receives a phone call from the scammer is advised to contact their local police, and ask that they forward their statements to the officer investigating this scam, quoting case file number 100827/0843.

For more information please see our media release: Scammers persist: Not from Internal Affairs (24.11.2010)

Latest Scam Reports

The following scams have been reported to the Anti-Spam Compliance Unit and are provided below for your information. The scams range in format - from email and SMS (short message service i.e. text message) scams, to phone (verbal), fax, postal (letters), and online scams from trading or social networking websites.

Please note that this list does not cover all scams currently circulating. See the Scam Alerts section of Scamwatch for information about scams that have been notified to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, or have been publicised in the media.

February Reported Scams
Subject: I WILL HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!




Subject: Greetings

Greetings from United Nations Organizations,We have your email address as a winner in our email balloting promotion to celebrate the 50th anniversary and we have deposited a certified Bank draft of Eight Hundred And Fifty Thousand  United States dollars ($850,000.00 United States Dollars) along with an ATM card.This email is to notify you to contact the FEDEX COURIER COMPANY IN WEST AFRICA for collection of your winning parcel. What you have to do now is to contact the FEDEX COURIER SERVICE as soon as possible to know when they will deliver your package to you because of the expiring date.the United Nations Organizations have paid  for the delivery Charges, Insurance premium and Clearance Certificate Fee of the Cheque and your ATM card showing that it is not a Drug Money or meant to sponsor Terrorist attack in your Country.

The only charges you will send to the FEDEX COURIER SERVICE to deliver your Draft direct to your postal Address in your country is ($150.00US Dollars).

You are making this payment for the Security Keeping Fee of the Courier Company. Again, don't be deceived by anybody to pay any other money except($150.00US Dollars) as stipulated by the company. We would have paid that but they said no because they don't know when you will contact them.

You have to contact the FEDEX COURIER SERVICE remittance office now with your Shipment Code: CPOL/OWY/9914
Parcel Number: JP3012-NGN.
for the immediate delivery of your winning parcel($850,000.00 United States Dollars) with this information bellow:


Also send FedEx your parcel number and shipment code.

Remittance officer: Dr Aliu Suleman .
Phone:+234 807 5735 685
Email Address:
(draliusuleman email address link removed)

Dear Sir/Madam
It’s my pleasure contacting you to inform you about our product “ALLUVIAL GOLD DUST”. We are local gold miners here in Accra Region, Ghana. We are having in stock right now 320kg of Alluvial Gold Dust and advertising to seek buyers assistance in helping us doing the sale there in his or her location.

Our F.C.O is described as follows:
Commodity…………… Au Metal
Quality………….22+ carat
Shipment…………By Air
Package…………Export Carton Case.

Terms and Condition:
I will be very grateful if you can come down here and do inspection of the goods properly before we commence shipment. I agree to follow the goods with you to your country and get paid after the final assay and refinery in your location.

I will be waiting for your responds,

Steven Petersen
Subject: You Won

Note: Click here to view the MS_LOTTO25 attachment .pdf (1.66mb)*
Subject: Hi,


I am SSG Dewayne Pittman, an active American soldier serving in Iraq, I am serving in the military of the 1st Armoured Division in Iraq, as our mission here is highly exclusive due to insurgents everyday and car bombs are attacking our peaceful mission here.

We managed to secure funds from the war zone. The total amount is US$ 19 Million dollars in cash. We want to move this money out of this place ; this place is a war zone, so that you may keep our share for us till when we come over to meet you. We will take 70%, my partner and I. You take 30%. No strings attached, just help us move it out of Iraq, Iraq is a war zone. We plan on using diplomatic courier and shipping the money out in a large box, using diplomatic immunity.

If you are interested I will send you the full details, my job is to find a good partner that we can trust and that will assist us. Can I trust you? When you receive this letter, kindly send me an e-mail signifying your interest including your most confidential telephone/fax numbers for quick communication also your contact details.

This business is risk free. The box can be shipped out in 48hrs if you want to handle the deal with us as brothers.

SSG Dewayne Pittman
Subject: ANZ Internet Banking Customer Number and Password Email Security Alert.

Dear ANZ Customer,
We are contacting through email with our very much secure formal website page as they are some trojan spam and viruses that are targeted to some of our customers lately,so we want you to click the link below to update your account to avoid any problem with your internet banking.

click LOG ON to update your account (scam link removed)

Internet Banking Support Officer
ANZ Internet Banking
Subject: Scammed Victim Compensation US$950,000.00

Office of Payment Department
Payment Ref: 801-192-84
3, Link Avenue Beach land
Estate, Lagos Nigeria

Dear Beneficiary,

Scammed Victim Compensation US$950,000.00 Payment Ref: 801-192-84

I am Mr. Frank Moss, an United States of America Merchant Risk Council (MRC) today the award winner of the “MRC Law Enforcement Officer of the year. I am working in fighting against online fraud originating from entire African Continent, especial Nigeria and Ghana, that affected USA merchant’s, consumers and other part of the world.

On this faithful recommendations, I want you to know that during the last United Nations general assembly held in New York last year 2010, it was alarmed so much by the rest of the world in the meetings on the lost of funds by various foreigners to the scams artists operating in syndicates all over the world today.

In other to retain the good image of Nigeria, the Nigerian Government is now paying 100 scam victims US$950,000.00 each in this year 2011. According to the number of applicants at hand, 85 beneficiaries has been paid, most of the victims are from the America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, we still have more 15 left to be paid including you.

Your particulars was mentioned by one of the syndicates who was arrested in West Africa, as one of their victims of the operations, you are hereby warned not to communicate or duplicate this message to the fraudster for any reason or whatsoever, the USA Secret Service (SS), Federal International Bureau (FBI) and Nigeria Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) is already on trace of the rest fraudsters/criminals for their arrest.

I am going around the African arresting people with such criminal act and regular alerting teaching consumers of scams and advice on ways you can avoid being duped, by given them more information on safeguarding against scam and other online fraud during our intelligent investigation. For security reasons you have been assigned a code/password that (7318), please note that this code is the reference number to your payment and it’s being disclosed to you alone.

I will update with you more details about your payment immediately I heard from you, you can also re-confirm your information such as Full Name: Current Address: Cell Number, I will personally assist you and confirm that all beneficiaries receive their funds complete without any delay or hitch.

Yours in Service,

Mr. Frank Moss
(frankmoss email address removed)
Subject: Web-email Account Verification®

Dear e-mail User

Due to concerns for the safety and integrity of our web base e-mail service.. we have issued this warning message

We have noticed that your e-mail account needs to be verified/confirmed, as we are upgrading our SSL web base e-mail account database.
To verify your e-mail account, please download the attachment below to verify
your e-mail Account: web1134_1662_10787_0_833_14345_349049881

For further information, please contact our Customer Services.

Note: Failure to Verify/Confirm email account within 48hrs may lost his or her email account.

Sincerely, ....................
Thank You
© 2011 e-mail Support Team.
Congrats ! Your phone No. has won 550,000 pounds in the on going BT-Telecoms int’l phone no. draw in UK, To claim email: (btcommsuk email address removed) /+447045788673
Subject: ANZ Internet Banking Email Security Update.

Note: Click here to view the email in full .pdf (24k)*

Some friends and I from the UK, are interested in coming over to your facility for Spa Sessions. We are on a business trip around your area and will be visiting your facility after two weeks of arrival. We are 6 adults... 4 men and 2 ladies all between the ages of 32 to 46. I would want you to arrange an itinerary for me for three days a week for 6 weeks in between business(Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays)specifying the time that would be convenient for you to hold the sessions. The business trip would be for 8 weeks from 18th May to 13th July 2011 so we would arrive your facility on the 1st of June. We would be with you for 6 weeks.

I have a few questions I would like answered:

1. Do you offer a full menu of massage, facials, wraps, scrubs and body treatments
2. Do you have a professional massage therapists and estheticians
3. Do you have a private treatment rooms with fresh linens.
4. Do you have professional spa products
5. What are your payments options? Do you accept payment by credit card.

Please provide me with the answers to the above and any other information I need to know about the sessions. I would like to know what to bring to your facility. I await your suggestions and reply towards my request, hope to hear from you soonest.
Best regards
Richard Tyler

Note: Given the recipient does not have a business of this type, this 'phishing' email is likely become a money laundering offence. The scammer is likely to make bookings, pay for them, and shortly after cancel and request the money be refunded via a different account.
Subject: Please treat as urgent.

Attn: Dear Friend,

My name is Nour El Deen Babil a staff in the National petroleum agency of Sao Tome and Principe but originally from Arab Republic of Egypt ; I secured a crude oil lifting license from the National Petroleum Agency (STP-NPA) where I work.

The license was for 5years at 24 million Barrels/12months. i.e., the license has an operating duration of five (5) years.

I am in need of a partner who will partnership with me to make use of this allocation license; I will package you as the new allocation license beneficiary since my position in the agency doesn’t permit me to handle it alone.

Due to my position in the Petroleum Agency, I cannot handle this project alone; you have all the qualities needed for this project.

All we need do is these:

We have to officially register a company with the Sao Tome and Principe Petroleum Agency, which shall serve as our lifting company as to enable us make use of this lifting license.
I will ensure that all lifting procedures are in place and buyers readily available.
You stand in as the license operator for all the lifting and sales transactions.

If accepted we can start working on this project, I know oil business may not be your line of business but I will handle and manage this project and also make sure that I guide you on what to do at any given time.

Don’t forget to furnish me with your private phone and fax numbers for easier communication.

I await your response.
Nour El Deen Nabil.
Subject: Loans

Good day,

I am Judith More, I work with an independent researcher and we are affiliated to over 12 certified loan lending companies here in UK; we can recommend you to one of these companies and a suitable loan will be approved for you.

Why shop around?

With our technology we can search the loan market in minutes;

With 100s of loans we can select the right one just for you

Whatever your circumstances, self employed, retired, have CCJs or a bad credit rating, we could help Borrow from $5,000 to $1,000,000 with flexible repayment over 5 to 25 year,

Quick decision loans for any purpose, Secured Loans, Homeowner Loans, UK Loans, Bad Credit Loans, Home Loans.

All you have to do is fill our short form and you details will be sent to one of these loan companies.

See form below:
First Name:
Last Name:
Marital Status:
Monthly Income:
Amount to Borrow:
Loan Duration:
Purpose of Loan:
House No. & Street:
Country of Residence:
Home Phone No:
Mobile No:
Phone numbers and address of your workplace:
Email Address:
How Would You Rate Your Credit? Select:

In acknowledgment to these details, we will send you a well calculated ‘Terms and Conditions which will include the agreement’

Judith More
Subject: Partnership Request

Lloyds Tsb Bank Plc,
Offshore Ltd The Square Castletown, Isle of Man
I9 1LG,
United Kingdom.

I am contacting you in good faith and this proposal will be of mutual benefit for us. I have a business proposal in the tune of GBP 122,3500.000.00-[One Hundred & Twenty Two Million Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds Stirling) to be transferred to any safe account with your assistance. I have every possibility & advantages for the proceeds of this account to be paid to you and then both of us can share the money, Can I trust you on this?

I guarantee that this will be executed under a concrete special arrangement that will protect you from any breach of law. I will not fail to bring to your notice that this transaction is hitch-free and you should not entertain any fears as the required arrangements have been made for the completion of this transfer.

This money was secretly placed for an Investment If you can be a collaborator to this transaction, please indicate you positive interest immediately for us to proceed. Remember this is absolutely confidential because my Bank does not know about it. Your contact phone numbers and name will be necessary for this effect.

Brief details of yourself…………..

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards.

Mr. Fahad Afellay Muhammad
Credit Accounting Officer,
Lloyds TSB Bank

Note: Most email addresses and web page URLs have been removed from scam messages. Where stated, spaces have been added to email addresses and web page URLs to ensure they do not become hyperlinks.

Archived Scam Reports

See the Results and Statistics page for information about the number of spam complaints and scam reports we receive each month, and the number of formal warnings and infringement notices issued.

How to Report a Scam

Department of Internal Affairs

If you would like to report email and SMS text message-based scams*, and spam (unsolicited electronic messages) with fraudulent content, you can do so by completing a web form on the Department of Internal Affairs'
Spam Complaints page.

*SMS text message-based scam complaints need to be sent to the short code '7726 (SPAM)' before the web form is completed. Once it has been submitted, you will receive a response containing a complaint reference number that can be entered into the Spam Complaints web form. This means the Anti-Spam Investigators can view the original scam and match the complaint details to the message.

If the message is commercial in nature it falls under the
Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007. Please also submit a complaint if the message assists or enables a person to obtain, dishonestly, a financial advantage or gain from another person - refer to section 6 (a)(ii) of the Act. The content of spam may be illegal under other laws.

Ministry of Consumer Affairs

If you would like to report a scam, please visit the Ministry of Consumer Affairs'
Scamwatch website (see the Report a scam section). Scamwatch provides comprehensive material on how to spot scams, how to protect yourself from scams, and how you can report a scam to help protect others.

About Scams and Fraud Awareness

Scammers will do anything to rip you off, so it's important to be aware of the different kinds of scams circulating - especially if you use email or a mobile phone. Learn how to identify scams, so you can protect yourself and others from harm. Be suspicious - any offer that sounds too good to be true probably is, so don't be fooled!

'Phishing' emails pretend to come from a financial institution, such as a bank, and urge you to click a link to the company’s website and enter your bank account details, credit card information, password, passport information, home address, or even your IRD number. Many websites are clever fakes, and typing in your details could result in your bank account being emptied by fraudsters.

Banks never contact customers by email and ask them to confirm personal financial information (they usually send mail that can be accessed via your online account or you will receive a letter through the post). Don't click on the links in these emails as your computer could be infected with a virus. If you do have an account at the bank, call them and verify the authenticity of the email first.

Genuine mystery shopper companies do not recruit by sending unsolicited emails or letters. You need to register with the store of interest, provide a profile and they will contact you when work is available. A genuine offer will not involve you paying them to join, or them sending you a cheque for you to deposit some money in your bank account and send the rest through a Western Union account.

How to identify scams

Lots of scams can look genuine, and sometimes it's hard to tell that they're not real. If you're not sure, don't respond or click on links - look up their contact details and verify the authenticity of the communication.

It might be a scam if:
  • you don't know the sender
  • it's addressed to 'My Dear' or something generic
  • there are too many grammatical or spelling errors in the email or SMS text message
  • the email address is a public service domain like Gmail / Yahoo / Livemail
  • a bank that you don't have an account with contacts you
  • you are urged to visit a website to update your account information or fill in a form with personal information
  • you're advised to act fast to claim money or some other prize in a lottery or competition that you never entered
  • you inherit money or possessions from someone you've never heard of
  • you receive a request from a stranger who needs your help (usually to send money)
  • someone on a social networking site asks you to send them money so they can pay debts or so that they can visit you.
Never open emails that are from an unknown or dubious source. If an email requests personal information, do not proceed. If an email message includes a link, hover your mouse over it to see if it relates to the email. Always attempt to verify the authenticity of any email by independent means.

See the Types of Scams section of Scamwatch for a full list of scams.

Tips to avoid scams and spam

Safeguard your email address and mobile phone number. Give your contact details only to people and organisations you know and trust. Consider asking your friends not to add you to their address books. If you're planning to forward an email to several recipients use the "BCC:" address field - this will prevent you revealing to all and sundry a list of email addresses which can be harvested by scammers.

Do not put your email address or mobile phone number on any webpages, or use a separate email address for posting to newsgroups, bulletin boards and for performing online transactions that may involve your address being passed on to a third party. If a newsgroup or bulletin is publicly accessible there is a fairly good chance that your address will be 'harvested' and added to a spammer’s address database. If you have purchased something online or registered with an Internet site your email address may have been added to a mailing list that has then been made available to spammers.

Don’t open emails that seem to be from a dubious source, or open email attachments you weren’t expecting. You should not respond to unsolicited mail unless you are confident it is a legitimate New Zealand company with an email address ending in ".nz". Only click a supplied "unsubscribe" link if you are confident the email is from a legitimate business. If you are suspicious of the sender, don't follow the instructions for unsubscribing - responding usually only serves to inform the sender that your email address is active, and you are likely to receive more spam as a result.

Use an email address that cannot be easily 'guessed' by software that spammers use to automatically generate addresses.

Even if you take all the precautions above you may still receive spam. If you are finding yourself bombarded with spam you can always change your email address. Sometimes it’s easier to start from scratch than fix a really bad spam problem.

You can help stop the recurrence of New Zealand spam by reporting it to the Department of Internal Affairs. Simply fill in the
Spam Complaints form and the Department will investigate it and take the appropriate action.

Fraud awareness

The Department of Internal Affairs is one of a number of partner organisations helping to promote the Fraud Awareness Week campaign in New Zealand. The campaign is led by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and the Commerce Commission as part of the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce.

External Links

Disclaimer: The inclusion of links to third party sites are provided for the user's convenience only and does not imply any endorsement of the websites linked to, the information contained in those websites, nor the organisations providing that information. See our main website disclaimer and other legal information.

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