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The Department of Internal Affairs

The Department of Internal Affairs

Te Tari Taiwhenua

Building a safe, prosperous and respected nation


Workplace principles


The Department of Internal Affairs aims to be a high quality and innovative service provider.

In everything we do, we strive to exhibit the attributes of high performance - trust and mutual respect, honest and open communication, effective relationships and teamwork, clear direction, customer ethic, focus on results, use of initiative, mutual flexibility, continuous learning and improvement, positive reinforcement, and personal accountability.

Our principles guide us in our decision-making and dealings with one another. They provide a compass that enables us to check and then proceed confidently knowing our decision/behaviour is consistent with valuing people, acting with integrity, and providing outstanding service.

We value people

We respect one another and value the differences and strengths we bring to the workplace as individuals and as team members. To ensure personal safety and well-being, we continuously review our workplace environment, practices and relationships. We acknowledge and celebrate all contributions and reward high performance and outstanding achievement through an open process that reflects the needs of the business.

We invest in professional development to allow everyone to maximise their contribution to the Department. Continuous learning and improvement, aimed at enhancing the way we work and deliver our services, is always encouraged and promoted.

We set and review realistic, sustainable goals and focus our effort on meeting these. To enable us to succeed as individuals and as teams, we clearly communicate objectives, and give and receive honest feedback and encouragement. In everything we do at work, we acknowledge the need for balance in our lives, and accept that work is but one part of a full and rewarding life.

We act with integrity

We expect the highest standards of personal and professional conduct. It is imperative that we perform our public service duties honestly, faithfully and efficiently, fulfil our obligations to the Government and respect the rights of the public and our colleagues. We learn about our obligations and clarify our responsibilities as Treaty of Waitangi partners, and apply this knowledge in our work.

We operate as a good employer with policies and practices which provide fair treatment and support for all. By actively promoting equal employment opportunities (EEO) we will build a diverse and representative workforce able to enhance the equitable delivery of our services.

We take personal responsibility for our behaviour, and strive to maintain an environment that is fair, open, and free from discrimination and harassment. We communicate openly and honestly, engage in constructive debate, and allow ideas and opinions to be safely shared.

We provide outstanding service

We respond to the needs of our stakeholders, customers and clients, setting high quality service standards and goals, and continually reviewing progress toward meeting these. We develop leadership qualities and self-management, encouraging individuals to show initiative and apply their skills in the interest of their customers. To enhance our services, we encourage and support continuous improvement, ongoing review, and increasing diversity within our workforce.

We expect excellent management of workloads, resources, performance, and time so that individuals and teams can succeed. Communicating clear objectives, actively planning, and continually reviewing progress through an open and collaborative process helps us to provide outstanding service.

We take a flexible approach to our work, respecting both business requirements and personal needs, and recognising the satisfaction that comes with a job well done and the well-being a balanced life brings.