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The Department of Internal Affairs

The Department of Internal Affairs

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Services › Citizenship › Approved Translation Agencies

All documents not in English must be translated. Translation services approved by the New Zealand Citizenship Office are listed below.

We will also accept official translations of documents into English by the following:
  • The issuing Government agency.
  • A New Zealand diplomatic post overseas.
  • A court in the country of origin if they have been authenticated by that country's diplomatic post in New Zealand.
Original documents must be sent in with the English translation.

If you need an English translation, include NZ$50.00 for each document that requires translation by the Translation Service. The Citizenship Office will organise an official translation, which will be returned to you with your documents.

Alternatively, you may contact one of the following agencies (please note, the fees may differ).

Approved Translation Agencies

The Translation Service
Te Putahi Whakawhiti Reo
Level 13
Prime Property Tower
86 Lambton Quay
PO Box 805
Phone: (04) 470 2920
Fax: (04) 470 2921

Interpreting and Translation Service
901 Great South Road
P O Box 98743
South Auckland Mail Centre
Phone: (09) 276 0014

MLT Translation Centre
Unit 9, Carlton Mews
21 Bealey Avenue
PO Box 2765
Phone: (03) 377 1227
Fax: (03) 377 1217

New Zealand Translation Centre Ltd
68 Dixon Street
PO Box 27312
Phone: (04) 384 5047

Pacific International Translations Ltd
Level 13
7 City Road
Auckland 1010
PO Box 8567
Symonds Street
Auckland 1150
Phone: (09) 913 5290
Fax: (09) 913 5291