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The Office of Film and Literature Classification performs a quasi-judicial function and is therefore not directly involved in the enforcement of censorship law.


The Censorship Compliance Unit of the Department of Internal Affairs is responsible for enforcing the censorship law. Inspectors based in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch ensure that the requirements of the law are complied with, and that objectionable material is not made available to the public.

The Inspectors are the first port of call if you believe someone may be breaking the law by making, supplying, exhibiting or possessing objectionable material.

They will investigate your complaint, and can prosecute if an offence is being committed. They can also submit unclassified material to the Classification Office if they believe it may be objectionable or restricted.

Their jurisdiction covers any venue that is supplying publications to the public, including magazine and video outlets, cinemas, adult shops and electronic media, including bulletin boards, the internet, and CD-ROMS.

Contact the Censorship Compliance Unit via email or freephone:
0800 257 887


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New Zealand Customs are responsible for ensuring that objectionable publications do not enter the country.

Customs can seize material they think is objectionable and submit it to the Office. They can also prosecute anyone importing objectionable publications into New Zealand.

Contact the Customs Service
via email to
or freephone 0800 428 786


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The Police are not generally involved in day to day compliance issues. Under the Act, the Police have the same powers as Censorship Compliance Inspectors to enforce censorship law. Contact your nearest police station for further information.


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If you are an official and would like more information on submitting publications for classification, go to the Officials section.


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