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Members of the public are encouraged to become involved in the censorship system. You can make inquiries and complaints, or submit a publication for classification.

If you have children, you can find out more about how censorship affects your family Learn more about how censorship affects your family

If you want to sell DVDs or games you bought over the internet, you will need labels Learn more about labels for DVDs and games


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There are a number of words and phrases that have specific meaning in terms of the Act.

A publication is any printed, recorded or stored image or text. This includes films, videos, books, magazines, posters and computer discs.

A classification is a legal statement about who can legally view a publication. The Office is responsible for classifying all publications that may be harmful and need to be restricted or banned.

Ratings provide consumer advice about the audience for which a film is suitable. Ratings are not legally enforceable.

You can view a full list of definitions here

Inquiries & complaints

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The Office is happy to give out information to anyone who asks, and will investigate complaints when they arise. Contact the Information Unit

Submitting a publication

The Films Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993 establishes the Office of Film and Literature Classification and gives the Office power to examine and classify publications. The Act also sets out the criteria that must be used to determine how publications should be classified. Members of the public are invited to submit publications. Learn more about submitting a publication

View a full copy of the Act


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If you want to show a film to a group outside its classification you can apply for an exemption under section 44. Learn more about exemptions


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