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Posted by: senjmito | September 19, 2010

Wellington Transport: the candidates take on the issues

  • Who supports a Basin Reserve flyover?
  • Who’s opposed to the Kapiti Expressway?
  • Are light rail and modern trams the way forward for Wellington?

We asked Wellington region local body candidates these and other questions, and here is how they answered:

We’ll be keeping an eye on who gets elected, and following up these issues with the successful candidates.

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  2. Looking at the Wellington Mayoral candidates responses confirms that if you don’t want a lot more roads and do want fast action on public transport, Celia is the best choice.

    Kerry is saying some of the right things (although I doubt many Raumati residents would welcome her support for the expressway that will cut right through their community and waste a few hundred million dollars in the process), but she’s had the chance to do many of the things she says she supports, and they haven’t happened. When the Lambton Quay upgrade was being looked at, even the AA submissions said “take the cars out” and she still wouldn’t put that on the agenda. When officers proposed some action on Courtenay Place, the council she led didn’t want to touch the cars.

    Some of Jack’s proposals are actually GW’s responsibility, not WCC, while the things WCC is responsible for that are the major problem for the bus system (the Golden Mile congestion problem) aren’t on his list of things to do.

    So the only respondent whose past actions match what she’s said, who is proposing things that will work, and who has a clear plan for making our transport system work, is Celia.

  3. for Sustainable Wellington Region Transport.

    Candidate’s name: Bryan Pepperell
    Standing for: Mayor
    Ward (if applicable): Southern

    1. What proportion of the transport funding in the Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) of the Council you are standing for would you want to see devoted to:
    a. Public transport?
    b. Walking (facilities and promotion)?
    c. Cycling (facilities and promotion)?

    Please explain these choices.

    Light rail or something similar is what we must have. However we need the support of central government. I think in terms of Council’s contribution we need absolute clarification of Council’s debt profile. We could easily be looking at $448 million or more and we just don’t have the final figure for the cost of leaky homes. Given that uncertainty and the fact that we will all be paying for the reconstruction of Christchurch I think making promises is very misleading. It is obvious that public transport is a natural monopoly and asking the private sector to build or participate is also misleading. Light rail could be built by government and no Mayoral candidate can promise to deliver it. Public private partnerships won’t work either as public transport is difficult to operate at a profit nor should it. As Mayor public transport would be at the top of my priority list to the government and so I oppose any more funding of motorways.

    The most achievable outcomes for Wellington City are walking and cycling and so they would be a budget priority. Bringing all council services back in house should allow for extra spending on cycleways and footpaths.

    2. Do you support the following transport projects, where applicable:
    Note: Options a-c are mutually exclusive. Each assumes that essential service vehicles would have limited access.
    a. Turning the Golden Mile into a public transport corridor – Answer – No: Bus on ring road with some preddserian only areas in the Goldern Mile
    b. Turning the Golden Mile into a pedestrian corridor -Answer:Yes
    c. Turning the Golden Mile into a dedicated public transport/pedestrian space- Answer: No

    d. Extending the rail system through the Wellington CBD, by developing modern trams as a priority for the short term-Answer: Yes
    e. A Basin Reserve flyover-Answer: No
    f. Doubling the Terrace Tunnel No
    g. Doubling the Mt Victoria Tunnel-Answer: No
    h. The Kapiti Expressway- Answer: No

    3. Do you support the creation of an integrated public transport system across the region? If so, what changes would you propose making to bring this about?
    Answer:Yes. Park and ride with small buses used for across town routes that are not open to the big trollies

    4. What do you consider should be the top transport priorities of the Council for which you are standing? Better public transport

    5. What are your own top transport priorities for the region?
    Answer:Public transport capable of carrying bicycles.

  4. Thanks for responding, Bryan

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