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She Loves You, YA, YA, YA!

Jolisa Gracewood talks teen fiction with the awesome Karen Healey Read Post

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Image by Bruno Herfst

Alt.Republic: The rolling mall

Graham Reid attends an important local meeting although he wasn't there . . . Read Post

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Image by Graham Reid

The Public Address
Word of the Year 2010

With Whisky Galore! What words or phrases capture the year for you? Discuss: Read Post

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Image by nicasaurusrex

Our city

The Wellingtonista is all about love and drinking Read Post

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Image by Mike Roseingrave

Dancing with Dingoes, Part II

Sally Jones dances in the outback. Read Post

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Image by Jim the Photographer

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Love you too, man

Hard News by Russell Brown

I'll be listening this afternoon as Mikey Havoc departs both his regular Drive show and the 95bFM in general. Through Drive, Trailer with a Cage on Saturday mornings, and two stints at Breakfast he's been the single biggest on-air influence...

Going Social

Hard News by Russell Brown

About 90 minutes after the terrible news broke from Pike River, someone at 3 News set up a Facebook page under the name "Support the Pike River miners". More than 100,000 people have now, in the painfully restricted vocabulary of...

Wikileaks: The Cable Guys

Hard News by Russell Brown

This time it's the diplomatic cables -- and all the usual questions apply to the latest Wikileaks document dump, plus a few more. While the last two releases have come from the theatres of war, much of what is revealed...

Friday Recommends

Hard News by Russell Brown

For my sins, I'm going to rationalise my home office today. I am completely rubbish at tidying, but with the shiny new part of our house looking so beautiful, and a few folks coming around tomorrow, I need to commit...

What about that Welfare Working Group, then?

Hard News by Russell Brown

Same old ideas with a new lick of paint? I'm particularly interested in assessments of the WWG's assumptions as to fact, and the way it presents its numbers. But old-fashioned rage is also acceptable.

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