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Lifeline New Zealand, Counselling
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An emotionally healthy community
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LifeLine New Zealand has a team of trained telephone counsellors ready to take your call.

Our service is free. All calls are confidential and non-judgemental - we are here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and LifeLine New Zealand won't tell you what to do. To find out exactly how we can help click here. Certain LifeLine Centres in New Zealand also offer a range of other services. For more information on these, or full contact details click here. LifeLine New Zealand is a proud member of LifeLine International.

LifeLine is here to listen to the unheard, to empower the caller to retake control of their situation; making callers aware of options rather than offering advice.
LifeLine can be, for that short period of time literally that - A Life Line.

LifeLine New Zealand is governed by a National Board. Each centre runs semi-autonomously under the Policies and Guidelines of this Board. At LifeLine New Zealand we rely on our volunteer counsellors. If you have some time available to dedicate to training for our service, read what you can do to help here.

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Donation Email:
FREE Phone: '0800 LifeLine' - 0800 543 354
Charities Commission Number: CC23765