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Wednesday 10 November 2010

Joseph's new cocktail-mixing contraption

Posted in: True Stories
By Matt Akersten - 5th July 2008

Oops I did it again: Joseph Herscher
We were captivated and delighted by Joseph Herscher's fantastical egg-creaming machine back in April and since then, he's been busy in his garage working on a new contraption - this time working with kiwi liquor legends 42BELOW.

After two month's work, the gay Auckland's latest contraption is now unveiled on YouTube, below.

Joseph says: "For those who don't have access to such a machine as this, here is the recipe for the drink:

- 30mls (1Oz) 42BELOW Feijoa Vodka
- Ch'i or Lemonade
- Long slice of seedless cucumber
- Ice

Cut a long thin piece of cucumber on a diagonal.
Rest it against the inside of a Highball glass.
Fill the glass with ice, add 42BELOW Feijoa.
Top with Ch'i or Lemonade."

Sounds delicious. So here is how it's made… presenting The Falling Water, on the screen below.

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Matt Akersten - 5th July 2008