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Tuesday 09 November 2010

Treachery and despair?

Posted in: Comment
By Craig Young - 8th April 2010

Extraordinarily, the Canadian Christian Right Lifesite has published a stinging diatribe against Conservative leader David Cameron from within his own Conservative Party, from an angry social conservative. What is the reason for this act of treachery?
David Cameron
Gerald Warner is a Thatcher hagiographer, UK Daily Telegraph right-wing political commentator and hardline social conservative. In a laceating diatribe against Cameron's Tory leadership, he actively advocated working against the current Opposition leader's election prospects:

“That is the only hope for the Conservative Party; a defeat would end Cameron's leadership and his whole gang could be flushed out of the party. In the meantime, genuine conservatives must vote tactically against the Cameron-occupied Conservative Party by supporting smaller parties at the polls.”
Using the same discourse usually adopted by right-wing extremists like Auckland conspiracy theorist Barbara Faithful and her verminous ilk here, Warner added that a Cameronian Tory victory would only:
“replace a tired, weak government that has implemented the cultural Marxist agenda of the Frankfurt School with a younger, more energetic one following the same programme.”
(This is an amusing display of political illiteracy from the raving right, it must be said. The Frankfurt School were notorious for their cultural conservatism when it came to adoration of high culture, contempt for allegedly hypercapitalist popular culture and co-belligerent advocacy of censorship campaigns alongside social conservatives. In many ways, they were the forebears of "radical" feminist opponents of eighties and nineties US and British antipornography and anti-sexworker  "feminist" campaigns. One assumes that Warner and his fellow sock con troglodytes, and right-wing extremists like Faithful are actually thinking of the pluralist left that arose from the sixties onward that was more open to polycentric models of oppression, liberation and resistance).
And can one actually have 'marxism' without a command economy control of business and industry? According to Warner, one "can" allow the markets to create wealth and yet still have a "marxist" government appropriate it in taxes and use it to enforce "social control." I'm sorry, but this is gibberish. Fundamentalist marxists are solely focused on economics and eschew 'identity politics' and the pluralist New Left polycentric models that arose from the sixties onward.
Wait, it gets worse. Warner also makes dark mutterings about the "United Nations, European Union, financial interests, liberal humanist NGOs" and argues that a 'mainstream' political party of hardcore social conservatism, akin to the Thatcher administration in the eighties, and he expresses nothing but contempt for modern pragmatic centre-right embrace of greater mainstream social pluralism and legislative reform, akin to that which occurred much earlier in the New Zealand National Party after it realised that the Christian Right alienated educated urban voters and professionals.
He argued that the Conservatives had alienated conservative Catholics over Cameron's earnest centre-right social liberalism.
This isn't the first time that Lifesite has attacked centre-right social liberalism and pragmatic Cameronian pluralism. Earlier this year, it published angry anti-Cameron tirades from the hardline antigay "Christian Institute" homophobes and SPUC, a UK anti-abortion group, which both attacked the pragmatic centre-right embrace of centre-right social liberals, LGBT and feminist voters.
It is evident that hardline social conservatives hate David Cameron and seem to be trying to become the Conservative Party's version of Labour's Trotskyite "militant tendency" headaches in the eighties, with identical results in haemorrhaging middle ground support.
John Key and the National Party, please take note. You cannot reason with these people. They are sectarian religious ideologues who care nothing for centre-right fiscal responsibility goals whatsoever. They are fanatics who are obsessed with advancing their own militant agenda, regardless of the electoral and organisational costs. Indeed, one wonders why Warner hasn't been expelled from his (former) party after this treacherous harangue.
Pander to their ilk at your own peril...

"Only hope for a more conservative Britain is a Tory loss" Lifesite: 29.03.10.
"Life and Family activists hold out little hope for Cameron-led Conservative Government: Lifesite: 12.01.10.

Craig Young - 8th April 2010

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