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Tuesday 09 November 2010

 Film review: Loose Cannons
Posted in: Movies  26th October 2010
We no longer live in a generation of secret-keeping. People are encouraged to be proud and express who they are. But does revealing all your secrets really lay the path to happiness for everyone?

 Film review: Violet Tendencies
Posted in: Movies  14th September 2010
"As an aging fag hag in a circle of stylish New York homos, Mindy Cohn plays Violet - out in search of the mythical fag stag ..."

 Film review: Elvis and Madona
Posted in: Movies  26th August 2010
It's an unlikely on-screen romantic pairing. A trans showgirl and a lesbian photographer who delivers pizzas to pay the bills.

 Man-Eaters!!! (and some woman-eaters...)
Posted in: Movies, Books, Features  22nd July 2010
Although vampires and werewolves appear to receive top billing in the paranormal dark romantic stakes, what about the "real" 'man eaters' (and some 'woman-eaters'), zombies?

 Film Review: Howl
Posted in: Movies  19th July 2010
Michael Stevens finds the film centred on Allen Ginsberg's notorious poem Howl "a good story and a truly important piece of social and cultural history, laid out in a beautiful and engaging manner".

 Film Review: The Runaways
Posted in: Movies  17th July 2010
"In a role that seems a long way from Forks, Twilight's Kristen Stewart nails the budding strut of the young Joan Jett, a role she was hand-picked for by Jett herself."

 Ladies: we give you Joan Jett
Posted in: Movies  5th July 2010
"Where are the films for the girls?" you cried when put together a list of gay-interest movies at New Zealand International Film Festival. So here it is: one for the ladies.

 Gay films galore
Posted in: Movies  23rd June 2010
From Jim Carrey as a gay conman to James Franco playing Allen Ginsberg, the NZ International Film Festival offers a feast of gay-interest films.

 Out Takes: Wellington guide
Posted in: Movies  4th June 2010
Here's a guide to the movies showing over the first few days of the Out Takes festival in Wellington.

 One woman's drive against hate
Posted in: Movies  31st May 2010
Fagbug is a documentary showing at the Out Takes festival which looks at how a young American woman reacts when her car is spraypainted with anti-gay slurs.