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Tuesday 09 November 2010

 Man-Eaters!!! (and some woman-eaters...)
Posted in: Movies, Books, Features  22nd July 2010
Although vampires and werewolves appear to receive top billing in the paranormal dark romantic stakes, what about the "real" 'man eaters' (and some 'woman-eaters'), zombies?

 A tale of transition
Posted in: Books  21st July 2010
"What happens when who you are on the inside clashes with what you are on the outside?" That's the question posed on the cover of trans novel f2m: the boy within, which has its New Zealand launch in Wellington tonight.

 Book review: Will Grayson, Will Grayson
Posted in: Books  12th July 2010
Can you even imagine being at high school and having your incredibly giant and incredibly gay best friend writing a musical with you as a feature character?

 Review: No Fretful Sleeper
Posted in: Books  19th May 2010
Paul Millar's biography of Bill Pearson is essential, compelling reading for every glbt person in New Zealand.

 Review: Gay lives revealed, in our own words
Posted in: Books  22nd March 2010
Gay and bi New Zealand men tell their own stories with the emphasis on the present and the personal

 Book review: Dirty White Boy - Tales of Soho
Posted in: Books  22nd February 2010
"Elton John allegedly read it through in one go, but Elton either has a very fast reading speed or he was exaggerating."

 Review: 'Red Studio - 45 Prints' by John Z. Robinson
Posted in: Books  30th December 2009
"There is a charm and simplicity about Robinson's writing that matches the best of his prints."

 Book review: When Gay People Get Married
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Books  29th November 2009
Uni of Massachuesetts lesbian economist Mary Badgett is a star of LGBT academia, providing indispensable quantitative data to LGBT legislative reform politics.

 Can the all-new Batwoman defend Gotham?
Posted in: Books  28th June 2009
"Detective Comics will be without Batman as the lead character for the foreseeable future, and into his place steps Kathy Kane, the lesbian Batwoman."

 Review: The Male Figure in the Art of John Z. Robinson
Posted in: Books  18th April 2009
"The book is copiously and beautifully illustrated. It is good art. It is bold, original and it says something."