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Monday 08 November 2010


Vanity Rules

8th November 2010

Hands Up, Who Annoyed Him?

Posted by: un-pc lesbian

On Saturday night my dinner date brought over the colour supplement from the Saturday paper as it had a restaurant review that she thought I may find amusing, well really one paragraph of the review that was highly amusing. The paragraph is shown below.


This review was written by David Burton a long time Wellington restaurant reviewer.  I have dined at table with Mr Burton in the past during my Winemaker Wife days and found him to be a pleasant person, but today I found myself wondering what lesbian pissed him off so much that he wrote this.

I do admit that it is terribly funny, and I also admit that I am no innocent when it comes to mocking my own kind, but I do wonder why he thought it was acceptable to include this paragraph in his review. Plus the entire review is negative which just adds the unappealing tone of this paragraph.

I like to think that my mocking of the sisterhood is based on the somewhat altruistic concept that pointing out the bleeding obvious may help some to acknowledge and change their ways. Mr Burton’s paragraph  comes across purely as reinforcing a heterosexual negative stereotype of the lesbian community. What gives him the right to make a mocking judgment (however true it may be) of these groups when he has never attended any of these events.

Does this mean that when he reviews a restaurant that is frequented regularly by, say, Dominion Post hacks that he will make similarly disparaging remarks about them? Are all his restaurant reviews in the future going to include some little snippy comment on the guests who regularly frequent the establishment and their sexual preference?

One does assume that all his future reviews are to include these supercilious observations of the regular guests and the idiosyncrasies of their sexuality, otherwise one would be forced to yell sexism and discrimination very loudly.


Tags: General · Reality? · why?

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