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Monday 08 November 2010 Blogger Zone

20th February 2008

Bring on the blogs!

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Some very different LGBT New Zealand writers are here to amuse, surprise, educate and at times unsettle you in’s Blogger Zone.

Let’s meet our blogging crew…

un-PC Lesbian is a corporate dyke and single parent. She says she is deeply shallow and incredibly vain, as someone has to set the standard. She is un-pc and will rat on her own kind for the sake of a good laugh. un-PC Lesbian doesn’t vote, has no allegiance to any gender, and swoons over hot muscles….  So, if you’d like some un-PC Lesbian, check out Vanity Rules.


Campbell Stodart was born and raised on a remote farm in the bowels of the South Island where he learnt a thing or two in the kitchen. With 18 tasty years of restaurant, catering and event experience, 12 in Auckland, Campbell constantly has his eye out for what’s going up - and what’s going off like a pork chop in the sun! Sure to Rise is a gay foodie’s guide to culinary adventures.


Kitten Power is a Piscean metro-dyke in her mid-20s, whose heavy diet of music and hunger for new sounds balances the rigours of her daily grind as a multi-media slave. She agrees with the description “buxom blonde” - but admits she’s in touch with her butch side by wearing wife beaters and yelling at Rugby. Listen Up for our Kitten’s purr!


Craig Young is’s long-serving and well-respected commentator on the influences of politics and religion on LGBT New Zealanders. We thought it was high time we let him loose on whatever other topic captures his attention. Craig humbly describes himself as a forty-*mumble* cat-slave and Doctor Who fan… but the opinions showcased on his Proclamations of the Red Queen blog will be anything but humble.


Michael Stevens knows he’s going to piss a few people off with his blogging views - “but hell, that’s their problem, right?” Writing, like cigarettes and good sex, can get to be an addictive vice, and Michael says he’s a happy addict of at least two of these. As he types about Auckland’s gay nightlife and culture, keep your eye on the comments section of the blog… will the knives be out for him, or will The Gay Blade get the last word?


David Herkt describes himself as “a former bad boy, agent-provocateur, and party animal”. He’s been called a lot more - better and worse - in his time. David reckons he’s got a balanced outlook on life these days - but is always willing to be proven wrong. Stand by for an interesting mix of pictures, YouTube clips, music and queer culture… plus anything else that David finds “Works For Me“.

We hope you enjoy our bloggers, and we invite you to leave your comments below any blog entry that sparks off thoughts from you. They will be moderated by the blog writers themselves.

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