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Monday 08 November 2010

Bring on summer!

Posted in: Community
By Jacqui Stanford - 1st September 2010

Spring is sprung! At that means after another yucky winter, summer is right around the corner! From short shorts to BBQs, readers have shared what they're most looking forward to about this coming summer!

He's numbers 10 and 9 in one package!
10. Short shorts!
It seems readers like a bit of leg! That's especially true for Steve, who has a particular fetish for 'league shorts'. In fact it isn't just leg our pervy readers want to see – it's a whole lot less clothing altogether! "The wife not wearing too much around the house more often', writes Toni, while Clint simply wants to see "hot topless boys"

9. Tans
As spring rolls into summer the Great Whites start lurking on the shore. Then suddenly it seems like everyone has a golden body straight from the set of Baywatch. And our male readers sure love looking at the hot tanned boys, whether they choose to use the word 'ogle' like Michael or are a bit more honest like Steve and call it "husband finding". Either way, if you're indulging in a bit of under the sun tanning while you perve at the boys, always remember - don't get sloppy: slip, slop, slap!

8. A cool beverage or two ...
Two words: Summer Ale. You know it really is summer when you see it on the supermarket shelf. There's not much that's better than sitting outside, in the sun, knocking back your beverage of choice, whether it be a milkshake in someone's yard or one of Kuta's favourite summertime activities "getting trollied on Lindauer Fraise on a school night". Make sure you dunk some strawberries in that there Fraise!

7. Daylight savings
On Monday the 27th of September people all over the country will turn up at work at the wrong time (come on, we've all done it!). That's because on Sunday clocks go forward an hour, meaning an extra luxurious hour of sunshine before the shadows begin stretching across the lawn and the sun lazily dips down for another visit to the north. It means Scotty and Mal will get their simple summer wish: "we live in Wellington - WARMTH – that's it."

6. Getting your skates on!


With the renaissance of roller derby it's perhaps no surprise that Cat can't wait to get her skates on and cruise along the waterfront. Mike on the other hand is up for a spot of rollerblading (don't tell the derby girls Mike, they'll hunt you down in a pack and knock you to the kerb!) Mike is actually excited about two summer things: "underwear parties and rollerblading," yet is quick to point out "but not at the same time". Hmm I dunno, he could have something there, if only K' Rd's Urge was big enough for a skating rink ...

5. Camping


While for some people, 'camping' is an all year round pursuit ... the gay outdoorsy types love the Rangitikei riverside camping ground Vinegar Hill, and the massive bonfire dance party for New Year's. Northland's Uretiti is also a popular spot for gays to peg their rows of tents. Not sure where Uretiti is? Last year one gay camper was actually heard to inform his mother who inquired over the phone, "you know, Uretiti, just up past my vagina". He's not quite right though, it's actually just around the corner from Waipu.

4. Outdoor concerts


During winter, watching bands play is all about leather jackets, skin tight black jeans and (illegally) smoke-filled bars, but in summer those white legs are busted out as shorts and singlets become the uniform of festivals like the East Coast's Rhythm & Vines and Auckland's Big Day Out. R&V has scored N*E*R*D*, Justice and The Mystery Jets. From Peaches to Le Tigre, the BDO usually has a queer-interest act or two, long may that tradition continue!

3. Road trips


It's only in summer that you can have a hilarious experience such as taking a carload of Americans to a beach out the back of nowhere called Whatipu ... and listen to them amuse each other with endless jokes about the name. Random road trips when you jump in the car, grab some lemonade popsicles, pump the music loud and head for the sea and sun with your nearest and dearest.

2. The good old kiwi BBQ


There is not much better than slapping a steak (or overpriced tasteless vegetarian pattie) on the barbie and gathering your mates over. People from the north are always amazed at the Kiwi propensity to BBQ – and we GLBT people love it just as much, although we may do it a little fancier that the sizzlers and Lion Red many of us grew up with ... nothing but steak, seven types of salad and Sauvignon Blanc for us.

1. The beach, of course!


Spending a month of last summer in the Northern Hemisphere's WORST winter storm in decades made me basically want to hug the beach when I got home in January. That adoration of the sand and surf is a common love for most New Zealanders and most readers. In Auckland there's even a gay group which carpools to the beach on the weekends. Whether it's to swim, perve, play sport, walk the dog, socialise or just lie on your towel and dream of frolicking in the waves with your future husband or wife, everyone seems to agree New Zealand beaches are the very best thing about our summer!

Here are some of's favourites from your summer favourites:

Steve: league shorts, (you know it), sun, beach, fishing, BBQs with friends, camping and husband finding.., then it's winter all over again.. :-(
Kim: Road trips to far flung beaches. BBQs on balconies in jandals. And Summer Ale.
Scotty and Mal: Peka Peka, that's always fun - bit of nude and safe Yahtzee, Backgammon etc - luv it.
James: This summer I am looking forward to breaking out my summer colours and having the freedom to dress like a person instead of a pale Eskimo. I am excited about road trips, picnics, wearing my stubbies and being able to eat ice cream again! Bring it on!
Clint: This summer I'm looking forward to hot sandy beaches, hot topless boys and Rhythm & Vines for New Year's!
Anna: Water pistol fights in my new bikini!!! Cooling beers in the river while you backflip off the rope swing!!! No more thermal underwear, socks jackets, capes, mackintoshes, gumboots, mittens, balaclavas and death to the albino tan!!!!
Andrew: I'm looking forward to daylight savings and it not getting dark so goddamned early. Evening trips to the beach are the best. Also cranking out the outdoor furniture and drinking with my flatties in our back garden enjoying the sun!
Michael: Beachtime - both hanging with friends, and ogling the boys. Also Christmas and New Year's celebrations with friends and family in the sun.
Carrie: I'm looking forward to my very first every summer Christmas AND summer birthday!! I've always wanted to have a scavenger hunt for my birthday but it's always been too cold. It's finally my time!! :) :)
Stevie: Wood fires, outdoor gigs, falling asleep on the deck, opportunistic picnics, bare feet and cider.
Toby: Long evenings with BBQ and bevies, and pottering in the garden. Skinny dipping in WARM water.

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Jacqui Stanford - 1st September 2010