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Monday 08 November 2010

Luscious Lady Lovers

Posted in: Community
By Jacqui Stanford - 12th October 2010


Some lesbians will hate it. Some will see it as empowering. But the entrants in a radio competition designed to celebrate New Zealand's 'gorgeous lesbian community', seem to see it simply as a bit of fun.

Luscious Lady Lovers is the brainchild of ZM morning host Polly Gillepsie, who explains to how it all came about:

"Recently my newest friend Belle was celebrating her birthday and I was pumped for her that all her bestie girls had flown up to spend the weekend with her. I met them all at the local that evening and what a gorgeous sexy crew. Clearly Belle has the best looking friends in the world," Gillespie says.

"She introduced them all to me, including two very attractive brunettes Nic and Dawn. 'Dawn was in my mother's group ' Belle told me. 'And that is her new partner Nic!' I was a little taken a back. Shame on me. I was a little surprised that such freakin' hot trim feminine sexy chicks were a lesbian couple!

"I know I know...I was drowning somewhere in 'stereotypical-ville' it inspired me though to showcase New Zealand's gorgeous lesbian community with a comp I call 'luscious lady lovers' and they are all stunning luscious beauties!"

There have been 115 entries in the contest and the pictures of all the women are featured in galleries on ZM's website.

Most of the entrants seem to see it as a laugh - and a way to celebrate being hot – in whatever way that term means to them personally.

Steph and Mess
"We decided to enter mostly because we were pressured into it by our flatmate and plus it was a bit of fun!" entrants and Auckland couple Steph and Mess tell

"Yes lesbians should celebrate being hot! I actually thought more people would have entered into it though!" Steph says.

Miss Phloss
Another competitor is well-known Auckland burlesque artist and performer Miss Phloss, who agrees it's just a bit of fun. She says Gillespie's shock that 'oh my God there are hot feminine lesbians' was kinda hilarious.

"I thought it was pretty funny that Polly was of that opinion," she says.

Phloss says the notion that lesbians can't be girly has been a stereotype for so many years, "that it just hasn't been acceptable for high heels and handbags to equal lesbian."

Overall she is just impressed that a radio station is talking about something which has been taboo in the past. "It's nice that it's becoming more mainstream and you can talk about stereotypes in that kind of way," she says.

Entire flats of lesbians have entered for a laugh and the competition is not just all about being 'femme' or 'lipstick', as exemplified by the diverse bunch of women and couples featured in the galleries.

There will eventually be an online vote - and there could almost be spin-off contests for the best haircut and best tattoos!

What do you think of the Luscious Lady Lover contest? If you entered then why did you enter? Discuss this story on's forum

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Jacqui Stanford - 12th October 2010