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Monday 08 November 2010

"Exgay" movement in decline?

Posted in: Features
By Craig Young - 30th August 2010

It seems that the so-called 'exgay' movement is in global decline. One case in point is the New Zealand Charities Commission and its recent decision to rescind the charitable status of "Exodus Ministries".

In New Zealand, the 'exgay' movement was never particularly strong. Before the nineties, it was more widespread, although its organisations failed to find traction- whether Rock of Life Ministries (Christchurch), Living Waters (Palmerston North), New Image/Lion of Judah Ministries (Wellington) or Exodus.

Exodus is the last surviving such organisation. It is based at Covenant Grace Presbyterian Church, a small Pentecostal sect based in Manurewa. It has no website of its own, but it does have (conflicting) phone numbers and a post office box. From past gay media coverage, it seems to cater primarily to older recidivist religious men who have sex with men and attracts few "ex-lesbians." It is listed on the US-based Exodus International website. In 2005, its Director was listed as one Andrew Verissimo.

Faced with the George Rekers and numerous other recent US, British and other 'exgay' scandals, one wonders why Exodus still persists in its lame and discredited claims that it provides "educational" and "counselling" services.


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Charities Commission Decision

Grace Presbyterian Church Newsletter June 2005: Exodus Ministries

Craig Young - 30th August 2010

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