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Monday 08 November 2010

 Get Carter?
Posted in: Features  16th June 2010
After seventeen years in Parliament proudly waving the rainbow flag, has the long and admirable political career of NZ's first-openly gay MP reached a turning point?

 "It just gives hope"
Posted in: Features  5th June 2010
Chris Carter has written to the UN Secretary-General to congratulate him on his intervention in Malawi.

 Outwitting the secret police in Moscow
Posted in: Features  1st June 2010
Read how Russia's LGBT community outwitted the secret police and held a brief but successful pride march, waving a 20 metre rainbow flag.

 Outing and media ethics
Posted in: Features  29th May 2010
Craig Young looks at the ethics of outing high-profile people in the media, following the David Campbell gay sauna scandal across the Tasman.

 Next Year in Tel Aviv?
Posted in: Features  20th May 2010
One of the problems with Palestinian solidarity politics is the question of Israel's excellent LGBT rights record, writes Craig Young.

 Analysis: Interesting Times
Posted in: Features  17th May 2010
Craig Young looks at what the stitched up deal between the Tories and Liberal Democrats might mean for gay communities and the UK's election system.

 Analysis: Thatcher's Unquiet Ghost?
Posted in: Features  7th May 2010
With a a hung Parliament and the Liberal Democrats installed as Britain's kingmakers, what does this mean for LGBT communities there?

 Obituary: Lech Kaczynski (1949-2010)
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  29th April 2010
Here's why Polish President and plane crash victim Lech Kaczynski was such a controversial figure in Polish and international LGBT circles.

 The Madness of "Queen Sarah?"
Posted in: Features  15th April 2010
In the United States, President Obama has passed his healthcare reform bill, prompting acrimonious responses from his "Tea Party" opponents.

 Abuse allegations "orchestrated by Pope's enemies"
Posted in: International Daily News, Features  9th April 2010
Cardinals claim sex abuse allegations orchestrated by the Pope's enemies, who resent his opposition to same-sex marriage.

 War and Peace: The Lavender Edition?
Posted in: Features  29th March 2010
"As we have stayed out of the Iraqi War quagmire, fortunately we haven't had to face the heartache of equality of sacrifice that LGBT service personnel, their partners and dependents have had to cope with."

 Comment: 'Gay Panic Defence' is finally scrapped
Posted in: Features  27th November 2009
NZ's archaic "provocation defence" was finally abolished yesterday. So now what happens? Our political commentator Craig Young takes a look.

 Charles Chauvel MP: Good riddance to the 'Gay Panic Defence'
Posted in: Features  26th November 2009
In Parliament today, Charles Chauvel blasted the ACT Party for wanting to keep a legal defence tactic which has led to lighter sentences for killers of gay men.

 Kevin Hague: 'Homophobia is the enemy of a fair society'
Posted in: Features  21st October 2009
Green Party MP and spokesperson for LGBT issues, Kevin Hague, reacts to new Kiwi research highlighting serious health challenges faced by gay youth.

 A brief history of Provocation Defence in NZ
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  29th August 2009 commentator Craig Young charts the legal history of New Zealand's controversial Provocation Defence.