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Monday 08 November 2010


Vanity Rules

13th July 2010

I Stand Corrected

Posted by: un-pc lesbian

Well sort of corrected really, but I’m always willing to admit if I’m not quite right. 

I’ve received a large comment on the previous binary post from one of the committee members, which does confirm my statement that a lot of thought and discussion has gone into the gender issues for the games. Rather than post it as a comment I thought it deserved to be a post on it’s own.
I do admit that while looking at the games site I only ever looked as far as the events that interested me, how to register for them, and the parties. I never looked into the fine print. However now that I’ve read the fine print re gender, I still think there should be an “other” category.

Section 5 of the FAQ’s addresses the gender definitions in relation to competitive advantage, but still ultimately requires the athlete to tick either the M or F box, thus still subscribing to binary gender, which was my original point. However below is the comment and links from the lovely Virginia, and yeth darhling, I probably will put my hand up to help out.

Kia ora tatou!
Loving the interest in participating in the Outgames – it’s shaping up to be a fantastic event!

You’re totally right, we did think long and hard about how to develop a participation policy that is inclusive and respectful of all.  There’s a lot of different elements to consider – biological and medical arguments, legal arguments, socio-cultural and political arguments, and all to be balanced with the various sporting codes.  You see, the Outgames sports competitions are sanctioned by the national or international codes for each sport – else the athletes don’t see any kudos in competing.

What we came up with reflects New Zealand legislation, the sporting codes, and the socio-cultural and bio-medical elements.  You can read it here:

It acknowledges the competitive advantage trans women can have over female-born women.  I think it’s important to acknowledge that testosterone levels in trans men don’t actually offer the athlete a competitive advantage over male-born men; trans men’s testosterone levels are within the ‘normal’ range of all men.  However, trans men can have a competitive advantage over female-born women.

When you register to participate in the Outgames, you select from the following sex and gender options (in alphabetical order): female, intersex, male, trans F, and trans M.  They don’t cover every expression, but they represent a wider range than most registration systems.

The real issue is when you’re selecting a sport or sports to participate in.  Here, athletes will have to read the participation policy and the relevant sporting code, and determine which sex they will compete in.  We have also set up a committee to respond to queries and concerns athletes have.  The committee comprises trans people, intersex people, female-born women, and male-born men.

We are really looking forward to the Outgames, and are striving to create an event that everyone can participate in.  Thanks so much for bringing the participation policy to a wider audience!

And now the plug: we need some more volunteers!  If you’re interested in working on the largest rainbow event that New Zealand has ever seen then we want to hear from you!  Contact to get involved.

Nga mihi nui


See you all there!

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  • 1 un-pc lesbian // Jul 14, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    Maddison, I have deleted your comment as it reeked of personal agenda.

    The participation policy linked to above is the work of the committee, and in line with the policies of all Outgames internationally. It is not the creation of just one person.

    Unlike your vitriolic comment, I WILL be urging people to take part in the games, even though there is only M and F to enter under.

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