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Monday 08 November 2010

 Review: Dog Sees God - Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead
Posted in: Performance  30th September 2010
"It's not often you walk out of a show thinking 'I want everyone I know to go and see this'."

 A lakeside chat with the Topps
Posted in: Performance, Hall of Fame  9th September 2010
The Topp Twins adore New Zealand. More than that, they adore being gay in New Zealand. caught up with them on the shores of the stunning Lake Wakatipu, ahead of their show at Gay Ski Week.

 Review: Songs For Guy
Posted in: Performance  9th September 2010
"It's a sad fact of the gay world that 99% of the music you hear is geared towards heterosexuals. There aren't many songs with girls singing about girls and you almost never hear boys singing about boys."

 Lyrical gender reassignment
Posted in: Performance, Music  7th September 2010
The lyrics of few songs you may know rather well have had a sex change for gay cabaret Songs For Guy. Musical director Paul Barrett tells all about the process.

 Adam Lambert bringing the glam to Auckland
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Music, Performance  7th September 2010
After huge demand from his Kiwi fans, Adam Lambert will bring his glam-pop show to Auckland's Trust Stadium on Sunday the 17th of October.

 Actor/Dancer looking for Mate and Lover
Posted in: Performance  25th August 2010
Wellington director Ronald Trifero Nelson is on a quest to find the perfect man. But it's not the standard kind of hook-up.

 Dancing past limitations
Posted in: Performance, Hall of Fame  14th August 2010
One of the nation's most celebrated choreographers Jeremy Nelson has put together a dance piece for dancers with disabilities.

 Cabaret beyond the boundaries
Posted in: Performance  12th August 2010
Risqué Queer Cabaret is set to titillate its audience in Wellington on Saturday night with an assortment of sexy and gender-bending performances.

 And the runner-up is ...
Posted in: Performance, Events, Blogger Zone  9th August 2010
"I am still trying to remember just what I said on stage, but I’m pretty sure I was for world peace," writes blogger and Mr Urge Leather 2010 runner-up Michael Stevens.

 Puppet to assassin: Mitchell Butel
Posted in: Performance  24th July 2010
Last seen bringing a gay puppet to life in Avenue Q, Aussie actor Mitchell Butel is back in New Zealand playing a rather different role: Abraham Lincoln's murderously passionate assassin John Wilkes Booth.