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Monday 08 November 2010

 Review: Rufus Wainwright in Christchurch
Posted in: Music  29th October 2010
One of our competition winners Luke Kavanagh saw Rufus Wainwright perform at the James Hay Theatre in Christchurch last night. He has reviewed the hauntingly beautiful show for

 The top five reasons you love Rufus!
Posted in: Music  27th October 2010
Rufus Wainwright is about to embark on three shows in his much-awaited NZ return. We asked gay fans why they love him so much – here's what you had to say!

 Revealing Rufus
Posted in: Music  14th October 2010
Rufus Wainwright has had a tough year and no doubt you will get a full musical rendition of his sorrows and joys when he plays in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland.

 Album Review: Enrique Iglesias - Euphoria
Posted in: Music  12th September 2010
He's sold 55 million albums worldwide, but has Enrique Iglesias hit the right note with his latest effort, Euphoria? Reviewer Andrew Grear has a listen ... and is far from filled with Euphoria.

 I Love You Adam
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Music  8th September 2010
The news Adam Lambert is performing in Auckland has left giant fan Un-PC Lesbian swooning – she’s put together a rundown of some of her favourite Glambert moments to celebrate.

 Lyrical gender reassignment
Posted in: Performance, Music  7th September 2010
The lyrics of few songs you may know rather well have had a sex change for gay cabaret Songs For Guy. Musical director Paul Barrett tells all about the process.

 Adam Lambert bringing the glam to Auckland
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Music, Performance  7th September 2010
After huge demand from his Kiwi fans, Adam Lambert will bring his glam-pop show to Auckland's Trust Stadium on Sunday the 17th of October.

 Music review: Scissor Sisters – Night Work
Posted in: Music  6th September 2010
"Combining pop, disco, glam rock, and anything else they feel like at the time, Scissor Sisters have been at the forefront of camp since 2001."

 Music review: Katy Perry – Teenage Dream
Posted in: Music  3rd September 2010
Reviewer Andrew Grear finds that with her second album, Katy Perry has provided a slew of potential radio-ready hits that speak to the summer loving, romance obsessed teenager in all of us.

 Gaga's scorching alter-ego
Posted in: Hall of Fame, Music  29th August 2010
Lady Gaga is just so hot as her male alter-ego, Sicilian mechanic Jo Calderone, we had to whip out the pictures for anyone who hasn't seen them. Even if you have – take a second look!