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Monday 08 November 2010

Help Out in October!

Posted in: Community
By Jacqui Stanford - 28th September 2010


October has been declared "Gay Crisis Month" and we're all being asked to get our thinking caps on, to help hardworking community groups who are struggling to survive.

Body Positive, the Charlotte Museum and Rainbow Youth are the three organisations which are in the most financial need right now. OUTLine's basic needs are secure after last year's fundraising drive, but to take any further steps forward and help even more people the phone support service desperately needs funding. 

October is your chance to help raise a pile of cash, which will then be distributed to the groups.

Several events are already being organised in support of fundraising drive Help Out in October, but we want more! If you are already planning an event for October, why not put it under the Help Out in October umbrella? If you're not planning an event – well why not plan one?!

To get your event listed on the official Help Out in October calendar, just email:

But don't stop there – check out our list of fundraising ideas below and have fun helping our embattled community groups fight on!

How it works

GABA President Glenn Sims played a key role in last year's OUTLine fundraiser and has been working hard to put Help Out in October together. He says the event has been adopted as an annual fundraiser by the GABA Charitable Trust, to ensure the administration of funds is by a respected community organisation.

"Organisations in financial distress will be able to make applications to the Gaba Charitable Trust for emergency relief," he says. "All of the money collected during the month of October will be distributed upon application and in accordance with need."

Sims says there will be full accountability for funds with the recipients expected to report back on their usage six months later or other appropriate period identified by the GABA Charitable Trust.

Can't run an event? Then donate!

Out In October collectors will be stationed at every GLBT venue and event on Friday and Saturday nights throughout October and collection buckets will also be widely distributed.

The bank account number for donations for Help Out In October – Gay Crisis Month is as follows: ASB 12 3064 0216613 00

Donations can also be made by credit card here:

Fundraising Ideas

Here are some of the fundraising ideas a team of clever people came up with last year. We think they're so great – why not try a couple!?

- A glamorous or sexy or fun carwash
- A sports tournament
- A private poker night
- Get a fierce or outrageous drag queen to visit people's workplaces and everyone must pay a bit of money or she won't leave
- A house party
- A LGBT celebrity date auction
- Host a private movie evening
- A sausage sizzle
- Create a Trade Me auction
- Sponsored weight loss, where people pledge money for every kilo you lose.
- Run a garage Sale
- Organise a flashmob fundraiser
- A wine tasting
- That money you normally buy a latte with – donate it to Out in October.
- A chocolate tasting
- Drag Bingo
- A speed dating night or afternoon
- Sell GLBT badges and jewellery
- An art auction
- A Walk for Out in October
- Celebrity Roast
- Roller Derby
- Dog Show
- A Dunk a Drag night: Reach the target and the brave gal gets dunked!
- Sponsored Out in October dares: If someone does a dare the sponsor pays up!
- Tree Planting
- Gala Dinner

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Jacqui Stanford - 28th September 2010