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Monday 08 November 2010

 Music to My Ears
Posted in: Music, Blogger Zone  22nd July 2010
Un-PC Lesbian has clearly passed her love of music down a generation. She shares a little mother-daughter music appreciation with

 I Stand Corrected
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  14th July 2010
"Well sort of corrected really, but I’m always willing to admit if I’m not quite right," writes Un-PC Lesbian after a response to her concerns about the 'binary' Outgames.

 Binary Games, Anyone?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  8th July 2010
"I’ve been involved in a few conversations of late about the gender categories for the Outgames ... as the fact that there is only M or F to select from could cause much dither and fraughtness ..."

 Curing lesbianism?
Posted in: Blogger Zone  6th July 2010
"Several US feminist bioethicists and intersexed rights proponents have expressed concern about dextamethasone, a controversial Class C steroid ..."

 Putting the 'sex' back into homosexuality
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  30th June 2010
"I am surprised at how often I come across the attitude even today among some gay men, this idea that sex is bad, a sin," writes Michael Stevens.

 A Bit Busy
Posted in: Blogger Zone  24th June 2010
Un-PC Lesbian is assuring dear readers she is still alive - and kicking - but has simply been beset by her kid's tonsil removal - oh, and moving.

 Sporting Prowess: An Ambiguous Straight “Enclave?”
Posted in: Blogger Zone  22nd June 2010
"I decided to reflect on why lesbians and gay men have such dissimilar trajectories when it comes to sporting prowess and endeavour," writes Craig Young.

 I like dykes
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Community  21st June 2010
Overhearing some nasty jokes has made Michael Stevens wonder why some gay men seem to find lesbians hard to deal with. Because personally, he knows many who make his life richer.

 Mind your language
Posted in: Blogger Zone  18th June 2010
"I’ve been pondering the emotional baggage of words and language a bit lately. Trust me when you spend as much time on the treadmill as I do, once you’ve finished solving the world’s problems the brain goes to some interesting places."

 The expenses ‘scandal’ versus social policy
Posted in: Blogger Zone  15th June 2010
Craig Young looks at the expenses 'sideshow' in Parliament, which has led to the demotion of gay MP Chris Carter – and wonders whether it is distracting from the real issues.

 Games Anyone?
Posted in: Blogger Zone  9th June 2010
"I did get a bit sidetracked with the dancesport section, but as there is no category for staying up all night and dancing non stop to house music, I guess I won’t be entering there."

 Un-PC Lesbian on Vanity
Posted in: Blogger Zone  7th June 2010
"I quite openly admit that I am vain, that I have a huge amount of concern for what I am wearing ... I take pride in the fact that I am vain, but sadly this is not so for many other lesbians."

 Caught in the net
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  3rd June 2010
"The net has changed so much of our social world. For gay men, I think it’s been a two-edged sword," writes Michael Stevens.

 Meet our new blogger!
Posted in: Blogger Zone  1st June 2010 is excited to welcome our new writer Un-PC Lesbian onboard with her blog Vanity Rules. Watch out, she's going to call it like she sees it!

 The outing of David Laws
Posted in: Blogger Zone  1st June 2010
Further questions have been raised over the ethics of outing high-profile figures, with the case of formerly high-flying UK politician David Laws.