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Monday 08 November 2010

 Bishop of bung?
Posted in: Comment  4th November 2010
Considerable controversy currently surrounds Brian Tamaki's former mentor and shepherd, 'Bishop' Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Church, Georgia.

 Saudi Arabia: Death of A Prince?
Posted in: Comment  27th October 2010
With the recent murder conviction of a Saudi prince in London after the death of a manservant, what is the background of lesbian and gay rights in Saudi Arabia?

 Grotesque Serbia
Posted in: Comment  22nd October 2010
Over fifteen years after the Balkan Wars ravaged Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, Serbia is still a no-go area for LGBT and other human rights.

 Iran: Homophobia and Injustice
Posted in: Comment  11th October 2010
Ebrahim Hamidi (18) is a young Iranian man who is not gay. He has been sentenced to death for lavat, or sodomy in his native Iran due to the subjudicial concept of "judge's knowledge".

 United Kingdom: Wedding Bells...?
Posted in: Comment  5th October 2010
"Insofar as the United Kingdom is concerned, it seems to be in an almost identical situation as far as same-sex marriage proper goes."

 Euthanasia: Going Nowhere?
Posted in: Comment  27th September 2010
"Across the Tasman, the euthanasia debate seems to be rumbling back into life if it ever subsided in the first place. Still, there will probably be no real progress."

 ACT: Mysterious Times?
Posted in: Comment  20th September 2010
As a result of its latest internal wrangling, it seems as if the ACT New Zealand Party may be the third major political party to succumb to electoral oblivion. How did it get this bad?

 NSW: Adoption Reform Victory!
Posted in: Comment  10th September 2010
New South Wales has become the third Australian state and fourth jurisdiction in that country to enact inclusive adoption reform.

 NSW: Australian Christian Right vs. Adoption Reform
Posted in: Comment  2nd September 2010
Predictably, the Australian Christian Right is attacking Independent NSW State MP Clover Moores' inclusive adoption reform bill. Who are the main culprits and what are they doing?

 Analysis: Australia - Land of Confusion?
Posted in: Comment  30th August 2010
Why does the current Australian political landscape seem to resemble the soundtrack of the eighties Genesis classic, "Land of Confusion?"

 Matrimony and its discontents
Posted in: Comment  23rd August 2010
While we campaign for same-sex marriage and relationship equality, it's important to bear in mind that this institution has a problematic past, writes Craig Young.

 Backgrounder: The Australian Greens
Posted in: Comment  16th August 2010
As part of our ongoing coverage of the Australian Federal election, Craig Young takes a closer look at the Australian Green Party.

 Looking Elsewhere?
Posted in: Comment  9th August 2010
"It's difficult for most LGBT international political observers to summon any enthusiasm for Australian federal election coverage."

 Proposition 8 Overturned: California
Posted in: Comment, Features  5th August 2010
"California now seems to be back in the Western Hemisphere progressive mainstream, after a US federal judge overturned Proposition 8, a statewide same-sex marriage ban.

Posted in: Comment  2nd August 2010
Microparties are one of the side-effects of MMP as an electoral system, due to one of its quirks. So, what about their fate in the New Zealand context?