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Monday 08 November 2010

 Real life Rocky moments!
Posted in: True Stories  8th November 2010
It seems like everyone has a Rocky Horror story, so ran a contest calling for readers to share their real life Rocky moments! From rock throwing to Riff Raff lookalikes, broken ankles and rocky questions, here are our favourite entries!

 Alison Mau comes out: "Yes, I'm bisexual"
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, True Stories  6th November 2010
Television presenter Alison Mau confirms that she is indeed part of the glbt community and that media speculation over her sexuality has caused her much grief.

 "It Gets Better"
Posted in: True Stories  25th September 2010
American sex advice columnist and author Dan Savage has started a campaign to send a message to GLBT teens struggling through high school: "It will get better! Really!"

 Dreams of a wedding in the sky
Posted in: True Stories, Civil Unions  10th September 2010
"It's been nearly three months since we've kissed or hugged each other, but we're still as strong as ever." Rocky and Gian are madly in love, engaged, in different hemispheres - and want to get married on a plane.

 Staring disaster in the face
Posted in: True Stories  5th September 2010
When Saturday morning's catastrophic earthquake hit Christchurch one young man found himself in sole charge of a gay venue and its patrons' safety. Matt Wright rose to the challenge.

 25 Years: A mysterious killer
Posted in: True Stories, Community, HIV  31st August 2010
Tony Hughes was at the forefront of New Zealand's response to AIDS, even when little was known about the disease other than that people were dying. In part one of this series, he looks back, before the NZAF's formation.

 A Little Bit of History
Posted in: Blogger Zone, True Stories  20th August 2010
Un-PC Lesbian writes about questioning her sexuality at a time when it was "lesbian or straight, nothing in between", and her experimentation with a "gender-free" image.

 Living butch?
Posted in: True Stories  17th August 2010
Do you identify with the term butch? A couple of proud butch women are seeking your story for an anthology they are putting together featuring "the good, the bad and the ugly" of living butch.

 Why can't we be friends?
Posted in: True Stories  3rd July 2010 readers share their stories about how their gay-lesbian friendships have made their lives better.

 In the Navy: The real story?
Posted in: True Stories  26th June 2010
The Navy's official policy on homosexual activity within its ranks pre-reform was tough, but some sailors were secretly flouting the rules and getting it on with each other, whether on land or at sea.

 LGBT Life: Then and Now
Posted in: True Stories  24th May 2010
From teenagers to matriarchs, diverse members of the community gathered to swap life stories at the LGBT Life: Then and Now forum in Auckland.

 Standing up against the bullies – together
Posted in: True Stories  28th April 2010
Pink Shirt Day is a chance to stand up against school bullies who make life hell for queer teenagers. Two young gay men share their stories.

 Bullying boss "made me feel sick about who I was"
Posted in: True Stories  20th March 2010
The restaurant worker who was awarded almost $15,000 after his bosses' continual abusive anti-gay remarks left him feeling "subhuman" tells his story.

 Acting my age
Posted in: True Stories, Blogger Zone  10th March 2010
"I was out dancing the other weekend and 'Forever Young' came on. I'm 48 and often go out dancing. But do I want to be forever young? Should I have taken myself off the dancefloor in shame?"

 This one goes out to all the romantics
Posted in: True Stories, Blogger Zone  15th February 2010
"I broke up with my first love. The girl of my dreams, who swooped perfectly into my life just months after I came out. The one I built a life and plans for the future with."