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Monday 08 November 2010

 The top five reasons you love Rufus!
Posted in: Music  27th October 2010
Rufus Wainwright is about to embark on three shows in his much-awaited NZ return. We asked gay fans why they love him so much – here's what you had to say!

 Saudi Arabia: Death of A Prince?
Posted in: Comment  27th October 2010
With the recent murder conviction of a Saudi prince in London after the death of a manservant, what is the background of lesbian and gay rights in Saudi Arabia?

 Film review: Loose Cannons
Posted in: Movies  26th October 2010
We no longer live in a generation of secret-keeping. People are encouraged to be proud and express who they are. But does revealing all your secrets really lay the path to happiness for everyone?

 Remembering a wahine toa
Posted in: Community  24th October 2010
Aaron Wooley reflects on the unveiling for the late much-loved lesbian musician Mahinaarangi Tocker in Taumarunui.

 Your guide to Labour Weekend
Posted in: Events  23rd October 2010
For those of you who aren't at the beach, the bach or the campground soaking up the rays this long weekend, there are plenty of GLBT events happening in the main centres. Here's a look at what's on.

 Grotesque Serbia
Posted in: Comment  22nd October 2010
Over fifteen years after the Balkan Wars ravaged Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, Serbia is still a no-go area for LGBT and other human rights.

 Obituary: Rev Don Mence
Posted in: Community, Features  22nd October 2010
Don McMorland pays tribute to his late longtime friend Rev Don Mence, who was a well known member of the clergy who was both gay and served the gay community.

 Hey you!
Posted in: Living Well, Features  21st October 2010
"The Outgames is for all of us, not just the fit ones, the young ones and the cute ones," is the challenge from our fitness guru Julz Darroch. "It’s for all of us, but only if we put our hands up and get involved. I dare you…"

 The two sides of 'Mama' Tere
Posted in: People  18th October 2010
'Mama' Tere Strickland... is she a protective mother-figure of great mana? Or a feared and terrorising bully who preys on the vulnerable street workers she claims to protect?

 Housing as we age
Posted in: Features  16th October 2010
As you get older do you want to live in a straight-orientated retirement village? A Christian-run complex? A privately run home and hospital? Would you even be welcome there?

 Revealing Rufus
Posted in: Music  14th October 2010
Rufus Wainwright has had a tough year and no doubt you will get a full musical rendition of his sorrows and joys when he plays in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland.

 Luscious Lady Lovers
Posted in: Community  12th October 2010
Some lesbians will hate it. Some will see it as empowering. But the entrants in a radio competition designed to celebrate NZ's 'gorgeous lesbian community', seem to see it as a bit of fun.

 Le Mesurier's resignation from NZAF confirmed
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, HIV, Features  11th October 2010
The New Zealand AIDS Foundation Trust Board has confirmed the resignation of Executive Director Rachael Le Mesurier.

 NZAF launching HIV discussion series
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, HIV  11th October 2010
The New Zealand AIDS Foundation is launching a new series of public discussions on HIV, the first of which will take place at its national office in Auckland on Monday 18 October.

 Iran: Homophobia and Injustice
Posted in: Comment  11th October 2010
Ebrahim Hamidi (18) is a young Iranian man who is not gay. He has been sentenced to death for lavat, or sodomy in his native Iran due to the subjudicial concept of "judge's knowledge".