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Monday 08 November 2010

 Real life Rocky moments!
Posted in: True Stories  8th November 2010
It seems like everyone has a Rocky Horror story, so ran a contest calling for readers to share their real life Rocky moments! From rock throwing to Riff Raff lookalikes, broken ankles and rocky questions, here are our favourite entries!

 Alison Mau comes out: "Yes, I'm bisexual"
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, True Stories  6th November 2010
Television presenter Alison Mau confirms that she is indeed part of the glbt community and that media speculation over her sexuality has caused her much grief.

 Lustrous: big and hairy is sexy
Posted in: Hall of Fame  3rd November 2010
Auckland artist Don Chooi chats to about his upcoming exhibition celebrating the full-bodied, hairy and husky men of the bear scene. "Lustrous" opens this Friday night.

 Remembering a wahine toa
Posted in: Community  24th October 2010
Aaron Wooley reflects on the unveiling for the late much-loved lesbian musician Mahinaarangi Tocker in Taumarunui.

 Obituary: Rev Don Mence
Posted in: Community, Features  22nd October 2010
Don McMorland pays tribute to his late longtime friend Rev Don Mence, who was a well known member of the clergy who was both gay and served the gay community.

 The two sides of 'Mama' Tere
Posted in: People  18th October 2010
'Mama' Tere Strickland... is she a protective mother-figure of great mana? Or a feared and terrorising bully who preys on the vulnerable street workers she claims to protect?

 Luscious Lady Lovers
Posted in: Community  12th October 2010
Some lesbians will hate it. Some will see it as empowering. But the entrants in a radio competition designed to celebrate NZ's 'gorgeous lesbian community', seem to see it as a bit of fun.

 Carmen's big on Sydney streets
Posted in: Hall of Fame  4th October 2010
The face of trans-Tasman trans icon Carmen Rupe is splashed across Sydney's streets, as the city celebrates its diversity in the ninth annual public art festival Art & About Sydney.

 Gay Brits: Dr Peter Saxton's response
Posted in: Community  28th September 2010
The NZAF's Senior Researcher Dr Peter Saxton says a study which found just 1.5 percent of Britons identify as gay or bisexual is not surprising, but underestimates sexual orientation minorities.

 Help Out in October!
Posted in: Community  28th September 2010
October has been declared "Gay Crisis Month" and we're all being asked to get our thinking caps on, to help hardworking community groups who are struggling to survive.

 Gay men and ageing
Posted in: Community  27th September 2010
An Australian academic is to visit New Zealand next month and wants to interview gay men about their experiences of age and ageing. He shares what he has discovered so far.

 "It Gets Better"
Posted in: True Stories  25th September 2010
American sex advice columnist and author Dan Savage has started a campaign to send a message to GLBT teens struggling through high school: "It will get better! Really!"

 The human rights report card
Posted in: Community  24th September 2010
The Human Rights Commission is pretty chuffed with the response to a thorough look into how the nation is doing when it comes to issues relating to gender identity and sexual orientation.

 Gay couple allege CYF discrimination
Posted in: Community  23rd September 2010
A gay Upper Hutt couple have lodged a HRC complaint, alleging they have been discriminated against by Child, Youth and Family because of their sexuality, something CYF denies.

 Hopelessly out of step?
Posted in: Community  22nd September 2010
Are the people educating our kids stuck in some tired, dusty old Fox Trot routine, remaining ridiculously out of step with their own students when it comes to school balls.