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Monday 08 November 2010

Listen Up

15th April 2010

Has the Rugby World Cup gone gay?

Posted by: Kitten Power


On the back of the news Team New Zealand has got Camper I now read that Auckland authorities are looking at pitching a giant tent at Queens Wharf for the Rugby World Cup.

Pitching a giant tent.  At Queens Wharf.


I can’t help but wonder if the Rugby World Cup has gone just a little gay.  It makes sense. Why not target that pink-rugby-loving-dollar with a giant erection on the waterfront? Just think of the marketing possibilities: “Come out to New Zealand and come inside Queens. We’ve raised our poles just for you.”

The council could pitch a row of tiny pink tents to direct the dropkicks in the Barmy Army from Queens Wharf to Ponsonby.  Promoters could replace that awful Feelers cover being used in the promotional ads with Right Queer Right Now, performed by a K’ Rd drag queen impersonating Lady Gaga.  And I’m sure there are plenty of men throughout heartland New Zealand who would make kind homestay offers to the French and Italian players.

But let’s do the maths here.  Despite the constant groping, scrummaging, tackling and ass patting, as far as I know there is one openly gay player and one openly gay referee in international rugby.

Yet things may have changed without me noticing.  According to the loud angry guy sitting behind me at the Blues game last weekend, the referee there was also a ‘fucking faggot’, the guy who dropped the ball a few times was a ‘fucking homo’ and guy in the crowd who told him to shut up was a ‘fucking gay c#&$.

So are the Rugby World Cup organisers, aware of this apparent sudden sprouting of gayness in the rugby world, finally going to be a little inclusive with their marketing?

There are plenty of rugby pin-up boys for those who like their men waxed, a little pretty and clad in tiny shorts.  And with a burly prop named Woodcock and a hairy seal-shooting hooker named Hore, the bear market is also covered.

When I ran the idea past a gay friend he replied “if a ball was meant to be carried it would have a handle, like a handbag.”  Hmm.  Maybe it’s not such a good idea after all.

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