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Use of Dating and Classifieds are subject to the following conditions:

Dating and Classifieds are available to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual and transgendered New Zealand residents or visitors to New Zealand only, and you must be 16 years of age or older to place or reply to a Dating or Classified Advertisement.

By logging into Dating or Classifieds, you are certifying that you are an adult over the age of 16 years old, are resident in New Zealand or are visiting or intend visiting New Zealand and that you are permitted to view adult content.

User Agreement, Rules & Content

The following rules are intended to maintain a cooperative, respectful and friendly environment for all users.

User Agreement

By entering the Dating area or posting a Profile or Classified Advertisement, you are agreeing to these conditions:

  1. Only one Dating Profile on our server per person.

  2. You represent that you are the owner or lawful user of any copyrighted picture, image or text.

  3. You agree not to use Dating or Classified Advertisment for the purpose of paid escort business or any other business, product or service for renumeration, nor transmit messages requesting or mentioning payment for service or product of any kind.

  4. You have the right to delete your Profile or Classified or request that your information be removed at any time and agrees to do this with only reasonable delay. assumes no other obligation by accepting your profile, photo or Classified Advertisement.

  5. assumes no responsibility for any damages or liability caused by your publication of any photo within your Profile or Dating page.

  6. has the right to refuse publication or remove any Profile, photo or classified Advertisement with no explanation, although we would usually advise you of the reason.

  7. In the event of activity deemed to be unlawful or a violation of our standards, we reserve the right to release information to the proper authorities upon production of a legal Warrant, if the information is subpoenaed, and/or if we deem it necessary and/or appropriate. By submitting a photo or other information, you agree to indemnify for all good faith acts to comply with such legal requirements.

  8. You agree to the Usage Restrictions below.

  9. You agree to the copyright and other legal notices posted at
Usage Restrictions

The content of Dating and Classifieds is contributed by Members and not by or it's employees. You represent that you are the owner or lawful user of any copyrighted pictures, images and text.

If any of the items listed below are present in your Profile, Photos or Classified Advertisment we may delete it without notice. This list is not all-inclusive and we retain the right to crop or block any photo, part of photo, or Profile at our discretion. A page can also be blocked if the Login ID, Profile Address, Name, E-Mail Address, or any other text on the page includes words, phrases, or meanings that we find otherwise inappropriate for our site - for any reason at all.

Strictly prohibited in Dating Profiles and Classified Advertisements:
  1. False or misleading self-advertising
  2. Any business advertising in any form whatsoever.
  3. Any advertisements for renumeration except property to rent.
  4. Any escort advertising in any form.
  5. Any Javascript, HTML or embedded script of any kind -including YouTube etc.
  6. Posting of material owned or copyrighted by others.
  7. Evidence or implication of beatings, whippings, etc.
  8. Child pornography or any images of children.
  9. Images or implication of child abuse.
  10. Violence or implication of violence in any form whatsoever.
  11. Images or implication of animal abuse.
  12. Images or implication of Bestiality.
  13. Images or implication of Incest.
  14. Images of Fisting or Watersports.
  15. Images or mention of Guns, knives, or other weapons.
  16. Expressions of bigotry, hatred, harassment, or abuse.
  17. Threats of harm to any other person.
  18. Illegible text or photographed text documents.
  19. Any request or implication for unsafe sexual activity (without condoms).
  20. Website links to any other external Classified or Dating website.
  21. Promotion of any commercial activity.
  22. Any content that does not comply with New Zealand Law.
  23. Anything determines, in its sole discretion, to be in poor taste, questionable judgment, offensive, or that fails to respect others.

Photographic Images

Photos uploaded into your profile must be classified as follows:
ADULT: All images showing frontal nudity or naked Arse shots.
PUBLIC: Images that fall outside the classification of "Adult" above.
PRIVATE: Non public viewable images (G or X-Rated) that can be sent in internal messages.

Sexual Racism

We're making our own stand on discrimination in the way of sexual racism in Dating Profiles by GLBT people. Please read our Sexual Racism article for more information.

Our profiles have an "Ethnic Preference" section where you can specify Ethnicities you are interested in (for whatever reason). This of course is not the ideal solution but it is an attempt to stop phrases appearing in our Dating Profiles like "No Africans", "Sorry - not interested in Europeans", and "No Asians - no offence just not my thing". Well we do take offence and we request you to specify who you *ARE* interested in rather than who you're not.

This will only work of course if ALL members respect the stated preferences of advertisers - and this is not restricted to just Ethnicity, it inlcudes all other preferences too!

General Usage

You should regard Dating Profiles and Classified Advertisements as public. Before posting any personal information, ask yourself: Would you post this information on a public bulletin board? You may list certain types of personal information, but please do so with extreme caution and with the express understanding that you do so at your own risk. We do not allow the posting of residential addresses, email addresses or phone numbers and will review and remove such information. makes no representation, nor assumes any duty nor liability, as to any consequences arising from those who may contact you as a result of your posting personal information, and you do so at your own risk. at its sole discretion reserves the right to refuse or remove or cease posting any material at any time. reserves the right to alter this agreement at any time.