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Monday 08 November 2010

Proclamations of the Red Queen

5th November 2010

Analysis: Off the Boil

Posted by: Craig Young

As predicted, the US Republican Party capitalised on historical amnesia, populist fearmongering and unrealistic perceptions about the pace of Obama’s federal reforms from the Tea Party movement. Happily, though, they weren’t completely successful.

While the Republicans seized control of the federal House of Representatives and several governorships after manipulating and manufacturing outrage at corporate bailouts, economic slowdown and Obama’s public healthcare package, they failed to obtain a federal Senate majority. This seems to be a libertarian  backlash, not a social conservative one.

Apart from Rand Paul, the incoming Republican Senator for Kentucky, none of the Tea Party’s more controversial social conservative Senate candidates won their electorate contests. In Delaware, the bizarre Christine O’Donnell’s Wiccan past and pontifications about the iniquity of self-pleasure, while Nevada’s Sharron Angle’s hardline anti-abortion views even in the case of rape and incest won her a lemon, but not a federal Senate seat.  Carl Paladino failed to become New York Governor after homophobic comments about same-sex marriages in a predominantly metropolitan state.

As for binding citizens referenda, the results were marked by an apparent lull in the hostilities over same-sex marriage, apart from an Iowa-based recall of the three state judges that introduced same-sex marriages in that state. In Colorado, an extremist anti-abortion ‘personhood’ amendment to the state constitution, which would have banned it, went down to defeat. However, California also rejected a marijuana decriminalisation bill, while South Dakota and Arizona didn’t decriminalise medical cannabis derivatives.


“California defeats measure to legalize marijuana” Globe and Mail: 03.11.2010:

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