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Monday 08 November 2010

Proclamations of the Red Queen

30th September 2010

Moscow: Yuri Luzkhov’s Sacking

Posted by: Craig Young

Given the current machinations about who’s going to be the powerbrokers in Auckland local body politics, it’s interesting to look at the current developments in Moscow, where President Dimitri Medvedev has just sacked the long-serving conservative mayor of that city, Yuri Luzkhov, after eighteen years of authoritarian rule.

Medvedev and Vladimir Putin, former President and now United Russian Prime Minister, have to take some blame for letting the situation of human rights and civil liberties repression in the Russian capital carry on for so long. For the last three years, Pride marches have been violently suppressed in the city. Added to which, there are problems with traffic congestion, utility provision, heritage preservation and nepotism reported. None of this is unusual in the “new” Russia- if anything, it demonstrates the continuities that exist between Tsarism, the former Soviet Union and the “post-communist” oligarchy of business leaders, government bureaucrats and United Russia political leaders that control the country. Still, with Luzkhov gone, there may be some faint hope for reform. But don’t bet on it.


Yuri Luzkhov:

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