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Monday 08 November 2010


Vanity Rules

Entries from 2010 September

30th September 2010

The Real L Word

Posted by: un-pc lesbian

One of my biggest failings as a lesbian is that I have never watched The L Word. I was once loaned all the discs, but after six months I returned them still unwatched. I think it is a moment that has passed me by.
Recently a good friend, who knows of my love of deep trash reality […]

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Tags: General · Reality? · why?

15th September 2010

Dating Dilemma

Posted by: un-pc lesbian

Over the last few months for various reasons I have been somewhat lax about going out on dates. The ‘date many, commit to none’ manifesto accidentally slipped into the background while I was dealing with other dreary life things like moving house, work, plus being pleasantly amused elsewhere. However I think the time has come to attempt to […]

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Tags: Dither · lesbian dating

12th September 2010

What Do You Do?

Posted by: un-pc lesbian

A good friend posted this up on her facebook wall yesterday, and I’m still laughing. In the space of 4.49 it encapsulates all the is true of lesbian dating and relationships. 
It does bring one vital question to mind though, and that is - what is the protocol with the sex toys at the end of the […]

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Tags: General · lesbian dating

7th September 2010

I Love You Adam

Posted by: un-pc lesbian

In amongst the continuing earthquake news today a fabulous new story was released that had me squealing with joy, Adam Lambert is going to perform in October. Oh swoon, swoon, uber swoon.
My adoration of the boy began very early on in the Idol season that he competed in. I don’t recall his audition, but my first memory […]

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Tags: General

5th September 2010

Market Research

Posted by: un-pc lesbian

Hello all. I’ve been off air and off line for a wee while as I’ve been licking my wounds, and though I did get flogged at the Fetish Ball last weekend not those sort of wounds. I’ve had to make one of those heartwrenchingly awful adult decisions, which I’m not very good at doing as […]

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Tags: Deep Navel Gazing · Gender · General