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Monday 08 November 2010

Real life Rocky moments!

Posted in: True Stories
By - 8th November 2010

It seems like everyone has a Rocky Horror story, so ran a contest calling for readers to share their real life Rocky moments! From rock throwing to Riff Raff lookalikes, broken ankles and rocky questions, here are our favourite entries!

(Congratulations to our two favourite entrants, Katija and Jason, who have won double passes to Rocky Horror in Auckland on Wednesday night!)




My 21st was aptly themed "Rocky Horror" - it was held on a Sunday night as I was in hospo at the time. K' Rd was to be the location of course. Myself dressed as a slightly dishevelled Magenta was dragged along by a collection of my friends dressed in costumes arranging from Janet to those famous gold pants on the creation.

We were stopped at the corner of K' Rd and Mercury lane by a man dressed head to toe in white linen carrying a flax bag. He turned to us and said, "You are not fabulous". My friend Ben (Dressed as Columbia) turned back with immense disgust replying, "Darling I AM fabulous". The white, linen clad man reached into his bag screaming, "NO YOU'RE NOT FABULOUS" pulling out rocks and throwing them at us. He proceeded to chase us down K' Rd hurling rocks with abuse until we managed to get inside the venue and lock the door behind us. It set the tone for the evening indeed

– Katija.

Second place:


Silly really, but my husband kind of looks like Riff Raff, one day while I was waiting for him to get home from work it was pouring with rain. When he got to the door I opened it and looked at him and said "you're wet" and he said "yes, it's raining" just like when Riff Raff opened the door for Brad and Janet. lol....we both laughed and said 'Riff Raff', it was very funny but I guess you had to be there

– Jason.




Third place:


When my two best friends kept it hidden that they were seeing each other, I walked in on them kissing and we all gasped each other's names in turn. Referencing the Rocky Horror show, I called out dramatically, "JANET! DOCTOR SCOTT! ROCKY!" and burst out laughing at my own joke. Having never seen it, they didn't get it at all

- Meshach


Fourth place:


Well it wasn't me but my friend was dancing to the time warp at a holiday program and broke her ankle when she jumped to the left. She jumped too far to the left, heard it snap and had to be brave and not scream because she didn't want to scare the little kids.

- Kevin


Fifth place:

At a late show at the Hollywood in Avondale in character as Dr Scott complete with wheelchair, seeing the looks on the faces of the cute guys who carried me up the stairs when they realised I wasn't disabled after all...

- Blair




Honourable mentions:


Telling my ex wife that I was gay and her asking if I did gay anal..... WTF !!!!!
- Alex

Seeing Rob Muldoon play the narrator, over 20 years ago and throwing food at him!
- Kathryn

Trying to buy 6 inch heels in a size 11 1/2 in the shoe warehouse and strutting my time warp in the stores to make sure I was going to be able to perform in them on stage to the delight and equally the horror of the patrons of the shoe store
– Steve

Going to the official unveiling of the Riff Raff statue in Hamilton a few years ago & meeting Richard O'Brien in the flesh. A friend of mine's fantasy goal was to try & sleep with him or at least get a blowie out of it so he could tell everyone he'd been officialy 'riff raffed' but alas, the plan never got off the ground. I think Richard probably had a lucky escape lol
- Tony

When I was caught by neighbours doing the Time Warp dance in my kitchen. I almost died of embarrassment, especially since I'm not usually a dancer AT ALL. :)
- Logan

Ever so gracefully slithering down the stairs at an Embassy Theatre RHPS screening after taking a tumble in four-inch heels
- Jeff

It was a cold, rainy July night and I was horribly lost, had a flat tyre and my cell phone was almost dead! Waited an hour and a half for AA to turn up-could not give them proper directions you see-started having panic attacks when I finally seen the lights of what I hoped was an AA van. Out comes this huge Frankenstein of a monster in cut off shorts and an anorak grunting and complaining that I had no business being out in this kind of weather! Total stranger-over 6'5 tall with missing teeth walking straight towards me with what I thought was a machete! I almost pissed myself! Turned out he was a forest ranger-the machete was a car jack and Frankenstein turned out to be an Irishman called Stan who was able to call AA for me and give them proper directions. He even waited with me for 45 mins until AA turned up! He did offer me something dodgy to eat, which I swiftly declined...but who knows?? May not seem very exciting, but for a queen like was that the scariest 45 minutes of my life!
– Jason

My favourite Rocky Horror related life moment was, the first time I met my cousin from London, (she was Kiwi but lived in UK) she was in her 30s and I was 16. We met under unfortunate circumstances, her Father had died and she flew to NZ for the funeral. After the funeral we hung out and she rented a movie called Rocky Horror Show (which I had never heard of).After the movie and a little wine she told me she had a girlfriend back in the UK. This was amazing because I felt so comfortable to tell her that I was also gay, this was the first time I had told anyone and it felt great, we bonded that night and we are still great friends.
- Paul

Having to put up with Jevan Goulter and his daily, it's all about him love affair with himself. Since Jevan's arrival in Whanganui I have been assaulted by Michael Laws, been trespassed from the council and abused by many people. My Grandkids have a love hate relationship with him. Had death threats graffited on the shed ... Are all gay guys like HIM I wonder to myself? A horror show in true life.
- Barbara Osborne

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